PostBank distances self from 'employee' who received Covid-19 cash

What you need to know:

PostBank has distanced itself from a man who is claimed to have unfairly benefited from government's Covid-19 relief fund. 

In a statement, PostBank said that it was not true that one of its employees had benefited from the relief fund that had been targeting vulnerable Ugandans whose incomes had been affected by Covid-19 related disruptions.

Last week it had been reported that the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament was investigating alleged mismanagement of Covid-19 relief fund with some of the beneficiaries, especially in Gulu City being government workers and politicians.

Media reports had indicated that a one Kiddy Obya, who they claimed to be a regional credit manager at PostBank Gulu had been one of the beneficiaries, rasing questions about the management of the Shs54b fund. 

However, in a statement Monday PostBank said it had no any employee "under the names of Kiddy Obya [serving] as a regional credit manager or any other capacity". "The above role does not exist on the [PostBank] structure. [We require our staff] to conduct themselves with a high level of ethics and integrity. The bank does not endorse staff behaviour that do not represent the bank’s values," PostBank said in a statement. 

In June, government instituted a Shs54b Covid-19 relief fund, targeting individuals such as boda boda riders, saloon workers, teachers, bar workers and DJs, among others, whose incomes had been disrupted by Covid-19.

However, there has been claims of mismanagement of the funds with preminery investigations, especially in Gulu City claiming that the the money was paid to undeserving people, among which included councillors, government workers, relatives and friends of politicians.