Slaughter house sues man over illegal fee, wants refund of Shs67.4m  

Monday September 28 2020
By Betty Ndagire

Wakiso City Slaughter House Uganda has sued a man for illegally collecting fees from traders at the abattoir.

In a case filed before the Commercial Division of the High Court,  Wakiso City Slaughter House is seeking a court order for recovery of Shs67.4m from Mr Ezekiah Ssenfuma aka Fadiga, being the money he has so far collected from the abattoir.

Acting through Ahamya Associates & Advocates, Wakiso City Slaughter House also wants the court to issue a permanent injection restraining Mr Ssenfuma from entering or accessing the abattoir, operating anywhere within and stop further interference in the operation of the abattoir.

Court documents indicate that on February 21, 2019, Wakiso City Slaughter House entered into a 25-year lease agreement with a one Godwin Mabano, the registered owner of the land on which the abattoir was set up. 

The documents further show that on August 2, 2019, Wakiso City Slaughter House Uganda started operating the abattoir and registered some people in different departments to run it. 

“After registration Wakiso City Slaughter House Uganda started collecting fees. However, after a few weeks, Mr Ssenfuma also started collecting fees without approval, claiming he had been given tenders by the board of directors of Wakiso City Slaughter House, which was strongly protested,” court documents read in part.


On November 4, 2019, Mr Ssenfuma was put on notice but ignored it and continued to collect the fees illegally. 
Subsequently, court documents indicate, Wakiso City Slaughter House forcefully took over the collection of the fees but Mr Ssenfuma is accused of mobilising vigilantees who caused chaos within the abattoir. 

Therefore, Wakiso City Slaughter House wants to pronounce itself on the illegal operations of Mr Ssenfuma that have caused desperation for which he shall be held accountable.

Wakiso City Slaughter House is also praying that the court enters a judgment against Mr Ssenfuma for payment of sums he illegally collected and a declaration that the board of directors never issued or granted him tender in any way, among other orders.