Search for markets, envoy asks Ugandans in China  

Amb Nsababera and other officials listen to one of the speakers during the Uganda Diaspora Business Forum in Guangzhou, China last Friday. Photo | Courtesy 

What you need to know:

According to Amb Judyth Nsababera, promotion of the country should not be left to government alone

Ugandans in China must get involved in finding credible investors and markets for Ugandan products in the Asian country, according to Uganda’s Consulate General in Guangzhou. 

In a statement shared last Friday, Amb Judyth Nsababera, Uganda’s Consulate General in Guangzhou,  China, said promotion of the country should not be left to government alone, urging Ugandans in the diaspora, especially in China, to get credible investors to invest in Uganda and promote the country as a tourism destination.

She was speaking during the Uganda Diaspora Business Forum in Guangzhou, in which she also asked Ugandans to mobilise fellow countrymen and women in the diaspora to join efforts in developing  their country. 

“For many of you living and working here, life has accorded you the chance to see and learn what China and the rest of the world has achieved … each and every one of us here should be asking ourselves, how can I do the same back home in Uganda,” she said, noting that Ugandans should be thinking of how to repatriate skills learnt from doing business in China to back home, harness existing opportunities in trade, commerce and tourism, not only to create profitable and sustainable ventures, but ventures that create wealth that will outlive themselves and future generations.

Government recently adopted a policy in which diplomatic missions, beyond promoting government-to- government relations, must promote economic and commercial diplomacy through finding markets for Ugandan products, sourcing credible investor, ensuring technology transfer and promoting tourism, among others. 

Therefore, Amb Nsababera said that whereas government is doing its part of the bargain, Ugandans, besides the contribution they make through remittances, should start mapping out ventures with Chinese companies to exploit the potential back home by creating and supporting new investments. 

Marking independence       
The Uganda Diaspora Business Forum, organised by the newly opened consulate, was part of activities that sought to commemorate 60 years of Uganda’s Independence that was marked last Sunday. 

Last year, Uganda opened the consulate in Guangzhou, one of the major trading cities in China.