Govt to procure four new trains

Friday October 23 2020

Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) targets to increase cargo transportation from 45,000 metric tonnes to 90,000 metric tonnes by end of 2021. PHOTO/FILE/COURTESY

By Tom Brian Angurini

Government, through Uganda Railways Corporation (URC), will buy four new trains in January next to address the rising demand for rail cargo transportation. 

Uganda uses roads to transport much of its cargo from different locations. However, there have been challenges with cross border cargo, especially after the breakout of Covid-19. 

Speaking at a media briefing, Mr Stanly Sendegeya, the new Uganda Railways Corporation managing director, said the new locomotives will increase cargo transportation from the current 20,000 metric tonnes to 45,000 metric tonnes. 

“Our long term plan is to increase cargo transportation from targeted 45,000 metric tonnes to 90,000 metric tonnes by end of 2021,” he said, noting

construction works to refurbish the Tororo-Gulu line which is a major link to South Sudan, are on gonging. 

Mr Sendegeya also said plans are underway to rehabilitate the Kampala-Kasese route while works on the Jinja pie route and Port bell have been completed.


However, he condemned the rampant vandalism, which he said has seen mile of railway slippers stolen.