Baguma brings some barbecue

It has been well-nigh a quarter of a century since I first made the acquaintance of Patrice Baguma, who was then in Shawuri Yako Market in a lock up shop.

From these modest origins, NP Baguma and Sons has become a force to reckon with in the food of western Uganda where their meats are never fried but always boiled and accompanied by matooke, karo, and greens. Without a doubt Baguma and Sons remains unrivalled in this league, and over the years they have also spread their tentacles to Mbarara and have a branch near Nakulabye on Hoima Road.
The hospitality industry has been especially hard hit by the Corona virus scourge, with popular runners such as the buffet having been amongst the first casualty. Over time, the buffet at this joint had become most popular with diners queuing in droves.

Being located in the part of Nakasero which has a huge number of offices, during these days of Covid-19, offices are making do with minimal staff, which in turn has an impact on the consumption of restaurant food. While several establishments have boosted their takeout business, others have had to think of other means of attracting the few available customers without sacrificing the well-known established norm to which their clients had become accustomed.

In the case of Baguma restaurant, they have come up with the idea of a standalone barbecue which can be ordered and consumed within their premises or in takeaway form.
An addition
They say that necessity is the mother of invention and they have come up with the barbie, adjacent to the main restaurant, which is not only plum and prime, but strategically located on the busy Kyagwe Road. This has proven to be a blessing in disguise; attracting a stream of non-traditional fare diners who are within walking distance and hitherto would never have thought of dining at Baguma restaurant.
Menu and service
The food derives its origins from Ankole and Kigezi; offals and goat meat combined is a staple of the latter. Likewise, all their meats are boiled with nothing more than water, onions, tomatoes and salt. As for the Barbie, the goat was tender, succulent and well-seasoned. The service is fast and efficient and the standards never seem to change.
What we liked
Cleanliness and sense of order and the large dining area and the addition of the barbecue set up. The goat was tender and tasty as well as being generous.
What we did not like: Parking is an absolute nightmare and typically people park their cars on the pavement.

If you go...
Place: NP Baguma & Sons, The Barbecue Grill on George Street Our rating: Worth a visit
The space: Large with a lounge up and downstairs, airy with several private dining rooms.
The bar: Soda, juice and water
The menu: Charcoal grilled goat and liver brochette, chicken, tilapia, jacket Kabale potatoes, jacket matooke, kachumbari, coleslaw and smoked beef (emikaro) by weight.
The bill: Goat or chicken Shs8,000 chips is Shs5,000
Open: Breakfast from 7am and lunch is served every day. The barbie is ready from early morning until 7pm.