Relish spring chicken, katogo

Last month, we were tasked with attending a family affair in Ibanda, a five-hour journey by road. We decided to drive to Mbarara and stay overnight before proceeding to Ibanda the following day, a Saturday. While staying in Ibanda was an option, many of us felt that Mbarara offered better nightlife as well as more hotel options.

Spoilt for choice
Given the bounty of hotels Mbarara offers, choosing a suitable place to stay was never going to be easy and a brief trawl on the internet produced a myriad of properties from which to choose.

Nevertheless, the overriding consideration was the fact that the owner of Little Woods Inn is known to me, and given their stature, I had little doubt that her place would be a worthy choice. Fortunately, my decision was vindicated and everybody turned to be as pleased as punch.

We had little trouble in finding the place and first impression was endearing. Little Woods Inn fits the quintessential definition of a boutique hotel and reminds one of the old adage, small is beautiful. The establishment is a converted property that is fully self-contained and offers a rustic setting that gives the place character and feeling of one being in a homely environment replete with a wonderful garden and a little library to boot!

The menu is strictly a la carte and offers the standard runners that one would expect from such an establishment. Pork and chicken as well as beef fillet will always be available along with pasta, fries and white rice as sides. It would have been nice to offer one fried rice rather than plain old steamed white rice.

I am sure that whoever was in situ in the kitchen would be up to the task. The portions are adequate and allow 15 minutes for the food to be served.
The Little Woods Inn breakfast is renowned for its katogo and is served alongside boiled eggs, sausages, yoghurt, cereal and coffee as well as a couple of choice fresh juices. Considering that it is all inclusive in the price and the fact that there are no restrictions on seconds makes it a great bargain.

The sausages would have been better in terms of taste and appearance had they been pan-fried. Deep frying them is a no-no and will result in their becoming tough and rubbery and even ugly in shape! Another suggestion would be to have a separate sauce bowl for the katogo since all too often sauce seems to be in short supply.

The serving of instant coffee, kudos for insisting on only serving brewed coffee; the idea of serving coffee in a large tea cup (a mug would not be bad) seems inappropriate and tacky.

I would suggest they buy a few French Coffee presses which are available in individual pots and would be the perfect way to serve coffee.

The deal

Place: Little Woods Inn
Address: Boma, Mbarara
Rating: Worth a visit
Smoke-free zone: Not allowed indoors
Recommended item: Their breakfast is tops
Menu: Beef satay, beef fillet, ¼ spring chicken, chicken wings, grilled tilapia filet, whole fish, baked fish in foil, mixed grill platter suitable for sharing, vegetarian are catered for in the form of vegetable curry or the sweet and bean chili. Inquire about the chef’s special of the day. The prices range from Shs15,000 to Shs50,000 for the mixed grill which can be shared by two.
Damage: With a couple of soft drinks plan to spend at least Shs60,000 for two.
Service: Caring
Ambience: Rustic and homely
Open: Being a hotel they are open round the clock. Rates include bed and breakfast.
Parking: Secure

These views are the reviewer’s personal reaction with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings are subject to change without notice.