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A waitress attends to a client at The Hickory Restaurant in Kololo recently. Below, a plate of food . PHOTOs BY ISMAIL KEZAALA./COURTESY

July 20 was the debut of the latest upmarket dining establishment to open in Kololo- Kampala. Recently we chanced to pay them a visit and were left in awe by the sheer elegance and well-thought out planning that had gone into creating this wonderful gem of a place.

Not surprisingly, in the short time that the Hickory Restaurant has been open, they are giving a well-known high end joint in the area a run for their money and they are feeling the heat!

Locations and ambiance
Naturally, location will always be a great advantage but then again even with the best of location all too often things are not always done with such class and imagination. I have no idea who is behind this restaurant, nevertheless what is not in doubt that conceptually and in terms of design and money was never an object.

For those not familiar with the former run down houses that used to exist in that area, during the colonial days reserved strictly for the English civil servants. The powers that be who are behind this new establishment spared no dime in getting everything right in terms of setting, ambience, amenities and appurtenances resulting in a timeless and attractive place.

The parking is ample and secure with a kitchen that is functional and adequate and last but not least, a restaurant that can seat more than 200 is nothing to sneeze at.

Menu enriched
We began with the Hickory chicken wings as well as the soup of the day, which on this occasion happened to be a classic vichyssoise (a thick potato and leek soup) and then proceeded to the main course. Fellow trencherman was enthralled with the pork chops while I was delighted with my choice of Tilapia Florentine.

In the main we were pleased with the whole outcome, though confessedly the portions are not what one would call generous. But then again, some joints heap on a tonne of food that ends up going to waste.

For dessert I ordered a chocolate fondant cake that turned out sinfully delicious. Regardless of the price, it was way too much for me. Half of what was served would have been right. In due course, The Hickory Restaurant is capable of serving exquisite fare.


Place: The Hickory Restaurant
Address: Plot 12, Ngabo Road, Kololo
Rating: Not to be missed
Smoke-Free zone: Not permitted
Menu. A simple and refined elegant continental menu that is not couched in culinary gobbledygook. For starters one has a choice of either baby pork ribs or Hickory barbecue chicken wings and a choice of soup of the day. When it comes to the entrees they offer premium pork chops or pork skewers. As might be expected fish is also on the menu and in fact I recommend the Tilapia Florentine which I found to be just what the doctor ordered.
Damage: Expect to pay at least Shs 80,000 and more for a couple with a soda or mineral water.
Service: Professional and good
Ambience: Semi alfresco in a casual environment.
Parking: Secure in the compound and well-guarded outdoors


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