The brunch that was

The Sunday brunch at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel is one of those events that has been around for years and continues to be a family favorite. Traditionally, at least in the West, the word brunch which combines breakfast and lunch and dates back to the late 1800s, had certain items that were considered to be de rigueur.

Brunch would be incomplete without bloody Marys or the presence of fresh flowers, glasses of kir, a popular French cocktail that is made with a measure of crème de cassis that is topped with dry white wine. Not forgetting those fabulous mimosa cocktails that comprise champers plus well chilled orange juice that normally would be served in a flute at a brunch or weddings.

I admit that in the modern world and especially in Uganda, such items as mentioned above would probably not arouse a lot of passion and so wisely the Sheraton Kampala Hotel have come with up with their own ideas and in so doing, they have combined a multitude of different cuisines and the results are eclectic.

Here on offer we were regaled with shawarma, a dish from the Middle East consisting of meat cut into thin slices in a cone-like shape and spit roasted on a slowly turning vertical rotisserie or spit. The meat is served in a wrap or pita bread.

Indian fare
The Indian food was represented by chicken tandoori accompanied with naan or vegetable pilau while vegetarians were not left out; here I recall a memorable vegetable vindaloo. As might be expected there was the Ugandan section that featured Uganda’s much loved luwombo of either chicken or goat, matooke, as well as other favorite runners. The Mongolian grill was another item that proved to be popular.

Salad bar and cuts
There was a salad bar as well as cold cuts such as smoked salmon, salami and other processed meats and a mini cheese selection that featured cheddar, brie to mention just a couple. Different pasta dishes were on hand, whipped by a short order cook along with eggs.
The absence of pork was noticeably felt, and surely a little corner for this item in deference to our Muslim brethren would have not offended any one. It would have been a boon to non-Muslim pork lovers.

The dessert section was filled with a plethora of different pastries and mini cakes like chocolate fudge, black forest, upside down cake, tiramisu and a several others. Fruits were also in abundance including grapes, carved pawpaw, pineapples, and watermelon.

Sunday brunch offers good value for money with the usual high standards of the hotel of which we have become accustomed.

The deal
Place: Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Sunday Brunch
Address: Ternan Avenue
The event: Sunday Brunch
If you go: Every Sunday
The space: Spacious
The crowd: Many brethren as well as expats and hotel guests
The bar: For this event a wide variety of fresh juice
Recommended dishes: Their Indian section
The damage: Shs 90,000 per person while children under 12 pay half price
Sound level: There is a band
Parking: Never a problem
Smoke free zone: Not allowed
What we liked: The wonderful and varied choices of food from which to choose
Our rating: Not to be missed