Museveni: With peace ushered in by NRM, everyone will get chance to showcase their talent

Friday December 06 2019

President Museveni Thursday evening gave celebrated Ebonies dramatists led by Mr Sam Bagenda popularly known as Dr Bbosa Shs100 million.
The president had graced Dr Bbosa’s concert to mark 33 years of acting at theatre La Bonita.
Mr Museveni lauded the dramatists for taking advantage of the peace brought by his government to develop their talent.

"With peace ushered in by the NRM, people are bound to exhibit talents in all aspects; Preachers will preach, actors will act, artistes will compose and sing, farmers will flourish in fields, herders will tend, everyone will get chance to showcase their God-given talent," Mr Museveni tweeted on Friday.

Sqoop has details:I've been watching Dr Bbosa's skits from the time I left the bush, says Museveni


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Revellers enjoy themselves during Dr Bbosa's 33 year of acting concert at Theatre Labonita on December 5, 2019