Common fashion crimes

What you need to know:

GUILTY? Check to see which of these you are guilty of and find out what you can do about it

‘Dress shabbily, people will remember the clothes, dress impeccably, people will remember the woman’ Coco Chanel.
Don’t get me wrong, by saying fashion crimes I am not talking about wearing an outfit that will land you in the worst dressed list, if people were judging. Rather, I am talking about long held habits that refuse to break, fashion clichés you still believe and small things you have been avoiding or doing that can wreak your personal style. It is going to be quite a list but on the brighter side, you may even enjoy a few laughs or feel encouraged to take a trip down the memory lane. Let me spare you the talk and jump right into it.

Over doing office wardrobe
This is very common among ladies in their early or mid-20s that are working. There are some outfits that are just not meant for the office, for example, avoid sexy clothing but at the same time, avoid looking kempt in baggy clothing. Glitzy, shiny wardrobe as well as bold coloured satins and lacy bits, have no place in anyone’s office wardrobe and the fact that something is “trendy” and “hot” right now, doesn’t mean it’s office appropriate as well! Avoid low cut tops, cleavage is not office appropriate. Avoid “sexy” shoes. Three-inch stiletto heels may look attractive on a date, but they do not belong in the office. The same principle applies to strappy heels. Plus have too much make up that makes you look ready to werk not work.

Here is what you can wear to office;
• Wear fitted tops, tailored suits, and occasional dress making sure you keep the bottoms below the knees.
• Don’t be afraid of feminine prints.
• Keep natural hair colours.
• Minimise your accessories and cosmetics. A little make-up can make you feel confident, and a few well-chosen accessories can add a little bit of style and personality to your attire. Avoid overdoing it, however. Leave your heavy make-up for evening and your more decorative accessories for casual and formal occasions. And don’t forget to carry a simple bag.

Choosing wrong undergarments
We have been told many times that what you wear underneath your clothes is just as (if not more) important than the clothes themselves. Wearing the wrong undergarments can ruin your outfit and make you extremely uncomfortable. Still, many women continue to make bra mistakes every day.

Often I see ladies wear shouting bra colours inside a chiffon top. Why? I have never come to a clear understanding with that style. It just really looks horrible, probably if you are wearing red trousers and a black chiffon top and decide to put on a red bra, it could make sense for a few people, not all.

The other issue with wrong undergarments is visible underwear lines. Am I the only one who finds this totally disturbing? Plus wearing coloured underwear in white jeans. You very well know the color will show.

Wearing body shapers every day. Avoid wearing these on a daily basis. You are not only harming your health but they are going to hurt more than ripping off a Band-Aid. Keep then for special occasions.

Other common fashion oops include;
Poor choice of materials
Although synthetic materials are generally a valid choice for evening attire not to mention quite a popular ingredient of many well-made blends, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she really has to start paying attention to the inner labels, basing her choice on the quality of fabrics used to create a garment in question. Now, I don’t say we should switch to fine silks and whatnot overnight but yes, a quality “basic” piece is definitely worth a whole lot more than 5 so-and-so items bought on a whim, it will look good for years and will allow you to put together many wonderful not to mention classy looks.

Showing too much skin
One of the style rules is less is more but not in the sense of showing two quarters of your body. Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy! Furthermore, it’s one of the worst fashion mistakes in my book and pretty much any book out there. Sure, we can turn a blind eye but only if you’re younger than 20 which is generally considered a perfect age to invest in a few tops than reach past your belly button and learn that showing it all doesn’t guarantee you attention. Or, at least, not any positive attention.

Muffin Tops
This is where a woman wears a pair of tight jeans that makes her flab spill out over the waistband, just like the top of a muffin sits over the edge of the paper case. Yes, I have happened to see this everywhere around town of late, with this heat forcing ladies to wear vests and other thinner fabric. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not just something that happens to curvier women. Even skinny girls can get muffin top, because here’s the secret the muffin top doesn’t want you to know it’s not caused by your body, but by poorly-fitting pants.

How to avoid such careless mistakes.
• Ease up on the shape wear.
• Seamless Styles Are The Most Comforting On Your Skin. Seamless styles will not only help prevent visible underwear lines, they’ll also be gentler on your skin. Elastic bands that are too tight can be very irritating.
• Try wearing plain colours of bras under see through tops.