Dressing for red carpet

Who wore what to Zzina Music Awards launch/ Photos by Isaac Ssejombwe

What you need to know:

Put best foot forward. People always dress to impress when stepping out to an event. They want to leave a lasting impression to the audience. Isaac Ssejjombwe brings us to speed on who wore what to Zzina Music Awards launch

Uganda has just embraced style and that could be attributed to social media which also resulted in innovations such as the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards awards among other fashion awarding ceremonies. Ugandans today are keen on what they wear to functions especially red carpet. This is because of so much media attention where criticise what such people wear. Thumbs up to celebrities who put in some effort to look good like some we captured during HiPipo music awards recently.

Amooti Omubalanguzi, a comedian left his jeans home and did his MC job looking different. He settled for blue in two shades. The striped suit with a light blue shirt and bolo tie and lace-up dress shoes. The Amarula boss would have nailed it better with a black belt.

He is rated among the best hip-hop artistes in Uganda. To red carpet functions he wears customised T-shirts, baggy jeans and when he wears a proper shirt, the jeans looked a little too much for his size. We think he could get them slightly slimmer to fit the event.

Deejays are never taken serious when it comes to dress code because they hide behind the deck and spin away. However, DJ SlickStuart defied the trend in a white blazer , navy blue chinos which did well with designer gray moccasins.

Ripped jeans is a trend most celebrities have embraced. For those with a pair have you showcased it at the red carpet? However, DJ Roger’s version of ripped looks like the scissors were uneven while marking the rips. The undershirt too looks like a sagging neck. We like the sneakers.

Velvet is one fabric that needs urgent inspection if you are to rock it because of its texture. Against all odds, artiste Chris Evans, donned a navy blue velvet suit and broke away from traditional white shirt. He switched it with a purple shirt and crowned the look with black shoes. He can strut the red carpet with his head high and of course maintain eye contact.

A pass
Artiste cum song writer A Pass has proved over time that he’s among the best dressed artistes in Uganda. Surprisingly, he doesn’t have a specific designer but just comes up with anything that he thinks can work for him. His body is perfect for fitting clothes and he has used this to his advantage adorned a black fitting shirt, black ripped jeans, a black tie and blue Supra shoes. Rocked the red carpet.