I buy bales of clothes - Daggy Nice

Douglas Suubi Ngobi, an emcee and TV personality at Spark TV

What you need to know:

  • MY STYLE. For any entertainer, a good scent and good looks nice is a must but some people do not care. However, Daggy Nyc, real name, Douglas Suubi Ngobi, an emcee and TV personality at Spark TV, defends his stance and talks to ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE about his style.

What defines your style?
I’m casual. I always wear jeans, T-shirts, boots and sneakers.

Why do you prefer to dress like that?
Casual is simple and simple always does it for me. You do not have to hustle too much to look good. I always try to effortlessly look good.

What is your wardrobe must-have?
A cologne.

What is your best cologne?
Being vintage, my best is Hugo Boss, Boss In Motion. It is a simple and beautiful scent.

How much does it cost?
Right now, I do not have any idea but the last time I bought it, it was around Shs250,000.

Is it the same that you are using now?
No, I’m wearing Oud wood by Tom Ford.

Why not the favourite Hugo Boss?
I think the particular Hugo Boss I wear was discontinued. I was at the airport in Brisbane, Australia and could not find it anywhere. So, I had to go for the sweet scented Oud Wood.

How much did it cost you?
With taxes and everything, it goes for about shs500,000.

What is your favourite colour and why?
White. I have about 80 white T-shirts and I have about 20 white shirts. This is because white blends with anything. Blue, black, orange and khakis.

Do you prefer baggy or slim fit jeans?
I go with slim fit.

Where do you buy your clothes?
I go downtown to Owino [St Balikuddembe Market]. I have about three friends who bring for me the clothes but I do not buy in pieces and everyone should take it from me that the best way of shopping is buying a bale which costs around shs1.5m. I buy a bale of shirts or t-shirts that I can use for even a year.

A bale could have at least 300 clothes and they are all first hand and first class clothes. After I have selected what I like, I can throw the rest in my car boot and sell to my friends at shs10,000 and I can make Shs1m.

Isn’t buying bales sometimes risky? You could buy damaged items.
Everything is risky but it is worth a try. It makes no sense buying a shirt today at Shs30,000 and then buy another one two days later at the same price. Do you know how much that would be in a year?

Do you also do the same with jeans?
For jeans, I go hand picking.

What do you consider while shopping?
Fabric first. The rest such as how long lasting is it, how cool it feels come second.

Who is your best designer?
That is a tricky one because if I say this is my best designer would mean I have a collection of items by the particular designer, which I do not. I have a variety of them which defines me as a random buyer.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
My wedding suit. It cost me around Shs2.16m.

Speaking of suits, how many do you have?
I have three suits.

When do you wear them?
I never wear them.

Then why do you own them?
I will be covered on the day they are required.

What fashion trend do you consider outrageous?
Outrageous is a big word. I would say the trend that does not work for me is this extreme damage jeans that have come up. Damage jeans that show 90 per cent of your skin. I do not like Kanye West’s style.

What do you consider before stepping out of your house?
Fashion is a discipline and the discipline starts with distinct things which begin with brushing your teeth, taking a bath, then have a clean boxer, clean under shirt. You should not colour clash. Smell good.

What is the cheapest item you have ever bought?
Socks and a vest. I bought socks for Shs 1,000 and a vest at Shs 2,000.