I’m a classic gentleman - Denzel

What you need to know:

  • MY STYLE. Besides his shorts, Denzel Mwiyeretsi became more famous after representing Uganda in the Big Brother Africa4. He is a media personality and you cannot miss him at events, thanks to his fashion sense. He tells ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE about his style.

How would you define your style?
I’m a classic gentleman. Smart in a classic way.
What do you mean by classic?
A style that has been trendy for a long time. A bowtie is a distinct fashion for more than 100 years. They have always been something you wear to a particular event such as meeting the president; and the suspenders have also been around but mine are buttoned style not clips which is a new invention.

Do you wear the bowtie and suspenders to every event?
No, I get rid of them at the weekend - Friday to Sunday.

What do you wear at the weekend?
My sneakers, jeans and sometimes shorts.
We used to wear shorts but not anymore. What happened? I wear them at the weekend but conservative Ugandans found them ‘disturbing’. People used to say they were tight or too short, so I went slow on them.

When did you stop wearing shorts?
At the beginning of this year.

Who inspired you to your new look?
Jidenna’s dress code brought me to life. The American recording artist and record producer, coins that classic look and I have always wanted- to dress like a gentleman.

What is your best outfit?
Full dress tie; black tuxedo, white shirt with suspenders, waistcoat, black socks and a black pair of dress shoes.

How many tuxedos do you own?
I’ve got one full tuxedo and it is very special.
When do you wear it?
Sometimes to weddings and, on very special occasions [one-offs and high-end events].

Why is the tuxedo so special?
It commands power and it is expensive.

How much did it cost you?
I cannot remember the actual cost because I have had it for five years but it could have cost Shs1.5m.

Is it the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Yes, but I also recently bought a Luis Vuitton belt from South Africa which cost me around Shs750,000.

And the cheapest?
Second-hand socks at Shs5,000.

A wrist watch or phone clock?
I believe a man should have a time piece that is a definition of who he is. He either does not have it or has a good one. It is one thing you cannot go cheap on. So, I use my phone.

Why do you seem to love bright attire?
It is psychological. Once your wear bright clothes, your mind also becomes vibrant. It wakes up.

How often do you go shopping?
When I have money. It could be every week, every month or every three months.

Where do you shop from?
From three avenues. I have a guy who buys and alters them for my body fit, I do a lot of flea market shopping at Nakawa and Kamwokya. I wear a big hat to disguise myself.

Why flea markets?
Surprisingly, those guys sometimes have the best items at a cheaper price. It’s interesting to buy a top brand at only Shs10,000.

How much do you spend on clothes every month?

That is difficult. I usually try to buy something new every three months for the events I do because it does not look good if you recycle clothes. I talk to my tailor who takes care of the pants while I take care of the shirts. I cannot put an amount to it.

Dreadlocks, short hair or afro. What do you like the most?

Short hair.

Why short hair?
People who have maintained short hair look like they never age for example, Pharell Williams. It seems like an industry secret.

What about your nipple ring?

It was an act of a young man’s rebellion. I keep it as a reminder of my wild days.

What is your typical meal like daily?
At 7am, I do yoghurt and a banana with warm milk. 11am, I make lemon tea at lunch time I have healthy food such as rice, pumpkin, matooke and at night I do pilao with gravy or fruits. My main meal is lunch.

Your fashion tip to men...
Always know your body, tailor your clothes and follow different fashionistas because they keep you up to date.

The secret behind slim fit clothes is...They define the body, show that you care about your dress code and they make you look smarter.
What can’t miss in your wardrobe…Suspenders and bowties
How many pieces do you have… I have about 15 suspenders and 25 bowties.
Do you own any baggy clothes? No, I’m the kind of guy you visit and cannot leave with any cloth because they fit only me.