It’s all about the sleeves

What you need to know:

Emphasis on the sleeves. With every year comes a new trend and for 2017, it is the sleeves. Therefore the next time you go out shopping, focus more on statement sleeves

Last year it was all about the neckline, and it still is even now thanks to the chic off-the-shoulder trend and the choker necklace which were the standout trends of the year.
2017 is set to be many things, we can’t predict now, but sleeves are surely going to have their moment. Dramatic detail on sleeves is the way to go now.

In fact, if you followed the red carpet fashion at the Golden Globes awards held early this month, you should have noticed the statement sleeves on the celebrities. The truth is, it’s all about the sleeves this year, and you have every reason to get on board.

This time, it is not just bell sleeves that are all the rage. Designers are adding much more volume onto sleeves creating extra-long sleeves, balloon detail, cold shoulders and other interesting attention grabbing detail. You don’t need to colour block, or wear heavy makeup, just let the sleeves make the noise.

Here are some of the interesting sleeve trends to focus your eyes on next time you go shopping, or have an outfit tailored.

Cold shoulder sleeves
The popularity of the off-the-shoulder sleeves birthed this sleeve trend that’s getting popular as well by the day. It’s perfect for women who prefer to show off just a little bit of skin. The sleeve is characterised by cutout detail on the shoulder area. In other cases, the cutout detail is on the sleeves themselves creating the impression that the person wearing them is having cold shoulders. It’s a fresh take on statement sleeves trend and looks super easy to try.

Balloon sleeves
In this case, sleeves are puffed up to be short and wide with a round shape that looks just like a balloon. This sleeve style is a great way to draw attention to your shoulders. A top with this sleeve detail can be paired with jeans or anything basic.

Extra-long sleeves
This in my opinion is the coolest sleeve trend. In this case sleeves appear oversized and stretched out going beyond the wrist often times covering the whole arm up. They appear on casual tops, button-up shirts and even dresses. This particular style comes with a lot of edge, so it’s very appropriate for someone with that kind of style sense.

Ruffle sleeves
Here, your sleeves are characterised by ruffle detail that either completely covers the sleeves or just a part of them. It’s a more fun take on the trend, and it’s indeed very easy to pull off. The amount of ruffles vary, so basically, the more ruffles, the more loud your outfit will be.
Other sleeve trends include bell sleeves, flounce sleeves, bishop sleeves and many more. As long it’s on the sleeves, it’s on trend.

Tips on how to pull off statement sleeves
- Let the sleeves seek the attention, keep the rest of the outfit toned down. If there’s a lot of colour on the sleeve area, keep the rest of the look muted.
- Pair your statement sleeve top with simple pants such as cropped, straight-leg trousers or jeans. Don’t go over the top with the bottom, the outfit will become too busy.
- Keep the accessories minimal or none at all. A cute little choker necklace can suffice.