Peplum ruffled jeans

What you need to know:

Edgy. These nonconventional trousers are not for the fainthearted, but rather for the fashionista that is willing to take risks, writes Hassan Ssentongo

There is a new skinny jean trend that is just about to blow up. And you won’t even believe what it’s all about.

Last year, British fashion brand Liquor n Poker released a new range of denim pants and dungarees with peplum and ruffle hems which was received with mixed reactions from style followers and fashion enthusiast.

Flash forward to 2017, the denim style is slowly earning a cult following of style bloggers and street style stars. Designers have as well jumped on board to recreate this style in even funkier ways. Tired of the conventional cropped, wide leg or flare denim? Get ready to embrace this new style of denim pants.

The pants come with a single or double layer peplum/ruffle hem which is just as attention grabbing as your favourite accessory. Some brands have chosen to add even more detail such as frills and fringe to create a funkier look.

This new and fresh take on your favourite skinny jean is one of the many ways designers are trying to make classic pieces more relevant for millennial fashion consumers, who are always on the lookout for new ways to stand out.

Of course, these pants are suitable for that woman who loves attention and a good pair of shoes. The ruffle detail draws attention to your feet, giving your shoes even more attention.
Will this new denim style earn a spot in your wardrobe?

Where and what to wear with flared pants

Flared pants deliver such a trendy vibe, and look super elegant and classy. Especially so if you know what to wear with them;

• Match your pants with light top, such as tank, tee, or loose shirt. Make sure you wear flare pants with a top that is well fitted to achieve a nice silhouette.

• Heels are perfect with flare pants such as wide leg pants, bell botoms, or bootcuts. The flares will attract attention to your feet so choose your footwear carefully.

• To give dimension to the look, play with prints and colours. Just keep the balance by wearing a solid coloured top matching with the pants. Because of its flared cut and colourful prints, your pants would be the centre of attention. Balance it out with other simple elements in basic and solid colours.

• When it comes to office or formal outfits, always think about classy and elegant attire. Try a simple, neutral coloured button down, neutral pumps, and a pair of flare or wide-leg slacks. Or you may also opt for tailored flare trousers with tucked in stylish blouses made of satin, silk or cotton. Invest in blouses with feminine details like bow neckline and discrete accessories to add a touch of sophistication, while pointed shoes are also great to deliver polished perfection. However, for a professional flare-leg pant look, avoid styles that are too 70s. Avoid an outfit that is too reminiscent of any particular era other than “right now”. Be careful about wearing it to the office.

• On a less formal occasion at office, or if it is a Friday, some dressy jeans could work. Pair them with a more structured layer, such as blazer, cardigan, or vest to polish the look, while heeled boots or platforms along with sophisticated handbag add a formal touch and elegant vibe into it.