Style collar-grazing earrings right

If you prefer to create a dramatic yet stylish outfit in a safe way, look no further than your ears. That said, statement earrings are not very easy to work with. Besides having the power to overpower your look, if paired wrongly, they can be a huge cause of a fashion disaster. Here’s what you should consider as you wear them.

• Keep the rest of the look simple. Let the earrings be the focal point of your outfit. It is also safer to create your look starting with the earrings. Let everything else coordinate with them.
• Skip the necklace and keep other accessories minimal. A wristwatch alone can suffice.
• Wearing your hair long? Pull it back and hold it up into a bun. Let your earrings own their show.
• If you feel like your hair is too long and beautiful to be held up in a bun. Don’t fret. Keep your hair down, but sleek it back to keep the accessories in sight. You can as well pull the hair to one side, and let just one ear be the star of the moment.
• For someone with short hair, consider these your way of adding volume to your face.
• Preferably, wear minimal makeup.
• Don’t overdo the earrings. It’s wise and interesting to wear more than one earring, however try to be careful as you tread this route. Less is always more.
• Consider your personal style. Are you laid back and with a calm and collected personal style? Or you are loud and bubbly with an over the top style. Accessories are everything you need to bring to life your personal style. In fact, accessories will make noise before you even say a word. Don’t be afraid to follow your personal style and go big on these earrings as a way of showing off your over the top style sense.