Style fit for festivities

The holiday season is here, and what better way to figure out what to wear than to look to one of our favourite festive fashion trends. When it comes to this kind of style, wearing what you feel good in is the cardinal rule.
We are not even talking the cliché’ festival style of bohemian skirts and flower crowns, allow the festivities to inspire your holiday style even when you are planning to attend none. So, for the festivities you will be invited to this holiday, here is you’re style guide;

Denim has always been a holiday staple and that’s not about to change. However, this casual fabric is getting reworked for the festivals. Cutoff shorts, denim shirts with studded embroidery and lots of other fun styles. The more fun, the better. Denim will be your perfect casual outfit this season.

Wrap choker
The choker is the most in demand neck accessory right now. Add a touch of punk to your style with a choker in any style. It can be a swipe of fabric wrapped around your neck or a tiny little string. Your neck style game will not be the same again with this little accessory.

Floral prints
Step out for your holiday getaway in a maxi dress or skirt in floral print. Flowers are definitely the best way to stand out this time of the year. If you are the kind that wishes to do florals with a touch of modesty, go for a kaftan in floral print paired with a big round hat.

African print
Our own native prints have dominated the festivals. From modern looking off-shoulder tops to colourful hair accessories, get African print in whatever you like. For a modern touch this holiday, maintain just one piece with the print and keep everything else solid.

Big round hats
Everyone is wearing big round hats; the holidays are your perfect excuse to jump on this wagon. Hats are getting bigger and rounder and in fun bright colours. A hat will not let you down in the style department, especially when you are having a not-so-good hair day.

For men

Give your shoe game a kick with a pair of boots. Boots go all the way, and can be paired with almost anything from shorts to any type of pants.

Add some edge to your holiday style with dungarees. It’s an unusual style choice that will earn you all the style points with minimal effort. A dungaree is festival style ready, so go ahead and try it out.

Shorts are most men’s favourite style of pants at festivals, although they can always be a little considering that they have to hit either the knees or slightly above them. If this is too short for you, don’t be afraid to wear something more comfortable, as long as they are shorts.

A good pair of sun glasses
Let go of the reflector sunglasses everyone has been wearing this year and opt for less structured styles. A good pair of sunglasses is all you need this holiday season.