Styles for straight body shapes

Belted attires help give an illusion of an hourglass body shape. Other favourites include feminine details to tone down the musculinity and heels to raise the butt.

With this shape you aren’t in a box, there are so many styles to try from tomboy to straight up feminine, your body is that flexible. So have fun with your sartorial choices.

What to wear
• Wear tops that emphasise your waist, such as belted coats, jackets and dresses. These help create an illusion of an hourglass.
• Go for the off the shoulder or V-neck neckline details. These add curves and detail to your top area.
• Textured sleeves create roundness which gives off a more feminine look.
• Fit and flare dresses with a defined waist line.
• Layering is another great way to add volume to your body. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this option.
• A line dresses and pencil skirts.
• Skinny jeans look their best on this shape.
• Skirts and trousers with pocket detail add volume to your waist area.
• Flared pants will look good as well, as they add shape to your frame.
• Mini dresses and bottoms look very tasteful on this shape.
• For shoes, high heels could be your best bet, as they lift your body (and butt) up.

The rectangular shape

The Banana shape is also referred to as rectangle or ruler. Women with the shape have a straight body, with no defined waist and little to no butt. It is common on women who either have a fast metabolism or an active lifestyle, for example sports or gym routine. This body is fun to dress, because it can literally wear anything.
This is Hollywood’s most desirable body shape.

Key characteristics
• The shoulders, waist and hips are almost the same width.
• Small bust.
• A more flat than round bottom.
• Balanced body and undefined waist.
• Shapely legs.

How to dress the shape
• Dress to create more curves on your body.
• Don’t emphasize the straight frame, balance it out.
• Define your waist, and your ample butt.
• For a casual look, tying your shirt around the waist adds extra hips.
• Showing off a little bit of your legs is not a bad idea, after all you have nice legs to go.
• Tuck in that loose fitting shirt to give your waist some definition and also show off your ample bottom.

What not to wear
• Plain straight dresses look really boring and unflattering on this shape. Opt for more structured clothing.
• Head to toe tight clothes. These do your straight frame no justice.
• Men’s wear. Be very careful as you tread this route, wearing men’s wear on this shape can easily make you look like masculine.