The CEO style moment

The CEO way at the UBL send-off party for the outgoing MD, Nyimpini Mabunda. Photo by Rachel Mabala

What you need to know:

CLASSY. Last week, UBL was sending off the outgoing MD, Nyimpini Mabunda, and welcoming his successor Mark Ocitti P’ongom at The Lawns Restaurant, Kololo.

1. Hail this bluepick
With this kind of event, a suit was the best attire to pull off. This gentleman could not leave his navy blue suit, sky blue shirt and striped neck tie teamed with black dress lace-up shoes. His skin complexion matched the choice of clothes for the day.

2. Modified vintage and classy look
On such an occasion, it is okay to step out of the box once in a while. This gentleman was among the top dressed during the evening not because he was not wearing a suit but because of his colour choice and fabric. His love for checkered and a vintage jacket made hima sigh to behold. His conservative blazer took us back in time while the waist coat, and orange neck teamed with green chinos brought him to contemporary style. We could not miss his brown dress shoes whose blue hints screamed, “I’m stylish!”

3. Dr Martin Aliker
In his senior years, Dr Aliker still has a head-turning sense of style. His navy blue suit, white shirt and a matching pocket square made him stand out. His purple necktie with a grey pattern did not disappoint. Forget those old men who got stuck to kaunda suit, thumbs up for Dr Aliker who changes with the tide!

4. Tony Glencross
The Managing Director of Monitor Publications Limited broke away from the necktie norm. His all-black outfit was perfect for his body shape. He popped some colour with a stripped maroon shirt. We appreciate that he put his fashion foot forward!