Trends: The white look

Some of the women who attended the White Party at Guvnor in December. Photos by Eddie chicco.

White does not only look good under the sun, it is more favourable for the hot season. It is high time you knew how to pull it off.

White is a chic colour. It will pull any woman’s femininity to the fore. It will therefore come in handy for that day out or evening party. There are a few rules you will need to abide by, however, to pull off white without a hitch.

1.Pay attention to your underwear.White will most likely cling and highlight everything underneath. If you want to conceal your underwear, wear nude colours for the light-skinned, and black for the dark-skinned.
2.Nothing ruins the white look like bra straps peeping out of being seen through from underneath. Keep them where they belong; underneath the white dress.

3.Even when your underwear is in the right colours, the edges will easily show. Wear seemless underwear therefore, or settle for the thick fabrics.

4.White will emphasise everything, including your body contours. When you pick white therefore, be sure to pick out a style that only emphasises the body parts you want emphasised.

5.Lastly, white gets dirty easily so choose materials onto which the dirt will not stick easily, or those that will not stain, such as polyester.


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