Two-tone lipstick

What you need to know:

MAKEUP: Are you fun and adventurous with your makeup? This trend is definitely for you

Wondering what lipstick to wear to your next night out with friends? This new lipstick trend is all you need to stand out. The two-tone lip trend involves wearing two lipstick shades at the same time, but unlike ombre and gradient lips which we guess you are already familiar with, this style keeps each lip colour completely separate.
There are two ways to it: Pairing complimentary colours, or pairing clashing colours.

Pairing two complimentary shades together such as light and dark pink is an easy way to make your lips look fuller. It is an understated take on the trend and really wearable.

For the daring woman who is not afraid to experiment, try using clashing colours such as pink and red together. You can as well experiment with two different lip textures. It’s all about finding hues that compliment your skin tone.

When to wear
Bold lipstick is suited for parties and casual engagements. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it anywhere else. If the mood permits, don’t be afraid to indulge.