A chance meeting that led to love

The couple says it is important to always keep the communication lines open. PHOTOs/courtesy

What you need to know:

Musiimenta had gone to the bar to let her hair down while Nuwagaba had gone to drink away his sorrows. When they finally got talking, they realised they were each other’s answered prayer.

On May 28, 2018, she had just finished her semester’s exams. Coupled with the rigours of preparing for and successfully writing the exams, Melisa Musiimenta had also been going through relationship woes where she felt undervalued. She was tired and needed to let off some steam. Together with her best friend, they decided to go dancing at a nearby bar.

As they danced and enjoyed their drinks, two men walked into the bar and sat opposite them. Musiimenta and her friend continued dancing but would often steal glances in the men’ direction. After some time, they noticed that one of them was dosing and this being a rather unusual sighting in a bar, the two burst out laughing, causing him to wake up and stare at them.

After losing a cousin in a car accident a week earlier, Allan Nuwagaba had also come to this bar to drink away his sorrows. However, on entering the bar, he had noticed Musiimenta and immediately fallen in love with her. However, she did not give him as much attention as he had hoped. Then, they started laughing at him and although any man would have given up at this time, he decided to walk up to the two friends.

 “When he stood up, I immediately fell in love with his height. I had always prayed to God for a tall man. His smile was also captivating and when he came closer, his perfume was so captivating,” she says.

As they got talking, he told them about his loss and naturally, they offered their condolences and comforted him.

“It was love at first sight. Apart from the fact that she cared about a total stranger, her beauty and smile were also something to behold. I also noticed she was reserved, which was a plus. Her height was just a bonus,” he says.

When it was time to leave, Nuwagaba gave them transport and also gave Musiimenta his phone number. The next day, Musiimenta sent him a message, which started their friendship journey. Yes, friendship because each had someone. However, as luck would have it, none felt fulfilled with their partners. In Nuwagaba’s case, the once quiet first year girl whom he had dated since his third year had become a slay queen and demanding.

As their friendship grew, Musiimenta realised that Nuwagaba was also kind to a fault. Additionally, he talked to her often, even sending her money to ensure that she was always online.

“His resolve that we always communicate also drew me to him and one day, I just let go of the old relationship. I knew deep down that Nuwagaba was the man God had sent my way and I had a feeling we would grow old together,” Musiimenta says.

Dating at campus

While Musiimenta continued getting attention from a number of men, something that sometimes made Nuwagaba jealous, she felt there was no need to waste time since he had all the qualities she needed in a husband.

“Although I would tell all men that I was in a relationship, he would always become jealous when he visited me and found I had male visitors,” she says. 

“I knew that at campus, most men are only interested in sex, a mind-set I also had when I first met her. However, with time, I started appreciating her better, thus respecting her and did not want anyone to mess with her. Although I trusted and believed in her, I also had to show her that I was serious and in it for the long haul,” he says.

With time, Nuwagaba took Musiimenta to meet his parents and he also visited hers.  And with their parents’ blessing, the couple look forward to their marriage ceremonies next month.

“I also made it a point to keep the communication lines open; sending her romantic messages, calling her endearing names, taking her on dates and photo shoots for I knew she loved pictures a lot. We also went on trips and during these, we got the opportunity to spend more time together and get to know each other better,” he says.

Favourite activity

The two love art and he is a talented artist. Therefore, when she gets an idea, Musiimenta shares it with Nuwagaba who turns it into reality. This way, they have been able to decorate their home. They also love travelling so much so that it is on their bucket list to own a tour and travel company.


Although they had dated for five years, they only started living together a year ago. And while it was okay moving in, it was a time to discover new things about each other.

“While that comes with some hardships, I was open to it because he is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and I now appreciate him better,” she says.

Nuwagaba sums up their first year living together as a beautiful journey. Because they are different people who have differing views, they sometimes argue over decision making.

“However, we always come to an understanding and agree on how to handle that particular matter. We also try, as much as possible, to minimise the arguments since this takes time away from us,” Nuwagaba says.