A happy wife reminds you when you forget your wallet

Thursday May 13 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

Happiness is the main reason two people come together to share their lives. In marriage, everyone’s behaviour and attitude is tested. Imagine a person you have only met in your adult life becoming your shadow and sometimes dictating your diet and wardrobe. She holds you accountable for staying out late and hates all your friends but you love her so much that you are willing to compromise.

Forget the romantic days of courtship where you had just a few hours to catch-up and none of you wanted to waste it fighting over small things. When you get married and move in together, some people will blame the spouse for changing from a nice woman to a nagging, bitter wife.

If the change in attitude is not blamed on pregnancy’s early days that usually cause a woman’s emotions to stir up, if your wife is withdrawn and no longer as nice as she was while still your girlfriend, brother, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Did you know that a happy wife creates a happy and livable environment whereas a bitter wife can become your daily nightmare?

If a wife is in a good mood, she is tidy, makes delicious meals and serves them with a smile. She will do many other little things to pay you back for making her happy.

She will ignore your smelly socks, fold your clothes and remind you when you walk out of the house without your wallet. When she is happy, she pays attention and she wants to play hero but hurt her and all that will blow away like chuff.


The moment you cause pain to her, she might stomach it for some time but that does not mean that her pain has gone away. As a matter of fact it is just piling up and cooking; one day, it will all boil and cause a burst that might cause your relationship to burn.

Much as a man is the head of a family, it saves you a lot when you let the woman run the home and have her way because a happy wife will give you a happy home. She will make you love going back home early but a bitter wife will push you to the bar every day of the week.