Always help your partner achieve their goals

Thursday May 06 2021
By Bradford Kamuntu

I think it goes without saying that when one partner is more ambitious than the other (especially nowadays) it opens up more room for a rift. Not having any ambition, to see any progression in the life you lead whether it be professional or even elevation in a relationship is a rare quality.

I would not enjoy being attached to someone that is too content with where they are positioned in life and does not have a plan (however minimal or elaborate) for how they plan to execute their growth.

Strong relationships are at the core of a happy life, but sometimes dealing with the people in our lives can be a little too difficult. A person can have very many amazing qualities, but if they lack career drive and a plan for growth, it can present a point of contention. I think the question for many is does it really matter if their partner is not as driven as they are. I would say 100 per cent yes.

I know we often do not end up dating our twin, in fact most times we end up dating people that are the complete opposite from us. Personally, however, I do not think that should apply to how much drive we have in our lives. I think each partner should have a goal to look forward to, whether it is a career goal, a business plan or a passion project. Something to keep you busy, to keep your mind working and evolving with bright new ideas.

Sometimes people lack self-awareness, so it is possible that your partner does not know that they are without ambition and drive. So, like anything else in a relationship, communication comes into play. Think of how you can structure a conversation with your partner to see where they are. Try to foster an environment where they can discuss goals they once had, what changed and what they can do now to experience growth.

A relationship requires effort from both parties, even in terms of growth. We live in the depths of capitalism and in economies that are ever changing, we would be doing a great disservice to ourselves by staying comfortable and not being creative with how we plan to grow and build empires in a relationship.


Encourage your partner to think about their desire for career advancement and how in turn that affects their lifestyle and standard of living. This might trigger or bring about change in your partner and push them to want to start something or do other things in order to witness a shift and streamline their life into a direction of more success.

One needs to recognise, however, that asking your partner to increase their ambition is just as significant as them asking you to dim your own. Both conversations tend to create trouble in relationships, tread gingerly but openly.

The positive advancement in your relationship is all dependent on the ability to navigate the difficult conversations with love and respect.

Success. According to researchers, your success may also depend on who you marry. A study recently published at Carnegie Mellon University shows that spouses can greatly affect the decisions you make, ultimately contributing to your success or failure.