Cheers to the relationships that survived 2020

Thursday January 14 2021
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By Christine Nakalungi

2020 was an interesting year. It gave people a chance to do things right without hindrances. Marriages were tested beyond measure. The numerous lockdowns either drew couples together or pushed them to the wall. As we start the New Year, a lot is still unknown but one thing to be grateful for is life. 

2020 was a testing yard. All the couples that survived the unending lockdowns, curfew, financial strain, 24/7 parenting as schools were closed and the emotional bagagge caused by the above issues need to celebrate.

I know some people who, regardless of the pandemic, did not cancel their wedding plans but some pressed pause because the best venues could not be accessed and guest numbers had to be cut in half or less. Financially, people could not hold the usual wedding meetings where most couples fundraise for the wedding. This time, it was only those closest to you that stuck with you since most people had been laid off work and were themselves praying for a miracle to help them survive the lockdown.

 Some wives nagged their husbands to divorce court whereas husbands faced the shame of not being able to provide for their families. This was a serious test to so many couples and believe me, some did not make it through the year. Does that mean end of life for you? No. Like we went through 2020, we will have to stand up straight and walk head high through 2021 and other coming years.
2020 was a barking dog that chased us to the crossline, bit some and made others lose what they had held dear. But all in all, a new year gives us a chance to look forward to better. The vaccine is here and people are finally getting used to having a face mask as part of their dress code. So, if we keep this up, we might just defeat Covid-19 virus and get our lives back on track.

But before we get there, it is great to take time and pat ourselves on the back for the things we have accomplished, endured, dreamed in 2020. For the marriages and relationships that survived, keep it up and for those who went their separate ways, it is well. There is plenty of time to try and make amends and if this does not work out, fall in love again. Happy New Year.