Dealing with difficult people

Thursday April 08 2021
By Bradford Kamuntu

In this generation, it has become trendy to be difficult people. I see lots of posts on social media with memes where people glamourise being a generally hard person to deal with, especially in a relationship. I have no idea why this is trendy lately, last I checked difficult people are unbearable and no one really wants to be around them.

People post memes where they laugh at how crazy they are in relationships, similar ones where they talk about being people of multiple personalities in a relationship (with underlying hints at bipolar disorder or evidently making fun of it). This trend and manifestation of being a difficult personality or thinking it is “cool” to be problematic in someone else’s life I have never understood.

But intentionally or not, dealing with someone difficult makes it harder to get through your day to day life, especially in a relationship where the person you partner with is supposed to ease the running of your life.

Do you continue to deal with difficult people in any relationship? Do you look up self-help tips on how to deal with them or do you cut your losses and end it.

Even negative behavioural patterns that people refuse to change can be difficult, someone who insists on not respecting people’s time and constantly shows up late, someone who never has anything positive to say about any situation, someone who is not respectful of other people and their boundaries. Those are just a few of the examples of just how someone can be difficult.

I usually gauge the difficult person in my life; are they the kind of person that would listen and make changes to behaviour or are they someone that would grind your ears further and you would just rather have out of your life.


However, this is more about the person being difficult than it is about how to handle a difficult person. Being in the know about the fact that you are a pain in someone’s life is a terrible character flaw, even though society currently is teaching us all otherwise.

We have resorted to making fun of the complications we create for ourselves and add to other people’s lives. Which is not something we must take lightly, we should be able to recognise that being difficult is not a trait of a well-rounded individual.

Instead of the narrative being pushed by this generation to glamorise and make light of the difficult parts of our beings, let us instead do some inner work on ourselves and realise it is not a cool look to be an insanely difficult person.