Declare your love today since tomorrow is not promised

Thursday October 15 2020

Most men or even women lose out on chances of winning over someone due to fear for the outcome. PHOTO/COURTESY/NET

By Christine Nakalungi

We all know that tomorrow is never promised and yet we keep making plans for tomorrow. Faith is the force that drives our lives; faith that we will still be alive tomorrow and that tomorrow will be a better day. 

But before you keep postponing everything and leaving it to the power of tomorrow, be reminded that our plans for the next day, week or month might be interrupted by so many other forces, especially time. 

Keeping time is important. People miss flights because they were just a few minutes late. A life can be saved or lost in seconds. Delay is a tactical move for people who usually think that they are so calculative but sometimes, the delay can cost you a fortune.

I have witnessed people who delayed to declare their true feelings for a woman they liked and in the end; they lost her to someone who could easily speak their mind. 

You might say this was God’s plan but even God left some decisions to us. God might connect you to the right person but it is you to approach her and turn her into your wife. If you still believe that God will propose to that woman on your behalf, you have watched many Telemundo movies and you need to stop and read your Bible.

What do you think will change if you told her that you loved her tomorrow rather than today? Nothing. Her answer will not change. Unless if you are sure that tomorrow you will win the lottery and sweep her off her feet with your millions. If that happens and she loves you for your money, do not come back to us calling her a gold digger.


Ben had all the chances to win over Betty who already liked him but because he had no job then, he thought that it was better for him to wait until he started working in order to ask her out. 

Betty tried to give him the green light but when he did not say a word, she thought he did not like her back. She made herself available to other people because unlike Ben, Betty was ready to settle down. It did not take long for her to find another suitor. Together they grew in love and she made her commitment.

After her engagement, Ben comes to her, pours his heart out, cries and begs for a chance but all she could think of was, “I gave you a chance to do this months ago but you seemed lost in your world.” It is true Ben was convinced that she liked him so much and so he dragged his feet thinking that she will always be there.

Ben learnt that feelings change. People fall out of love and there are always better people in the world who might come and take over your territory if it is not marked as needed. 

As a matter of fact, there are people who might even storm your territory and take what belongs to you. If you are the kind of person that pushes everything to tomorrow, maybe you should avoid doing this with your love life. 

In most cases, a woman or man will move on to someone else not because they do not love you but because they see you as a time waster.