Dennis chased after her for five years

The couple set out to have a marriage defined by patience, kindness, forgiveness and selflessness. PHOTOs/Edgar R. Batte

What you need to know:

No wonder patience is one of the qualities Dennis fell in love with about Grace. Her beauty and love for God were just added an added bonus.

Dennis Daniel Muhumuza, a civil servant and Grace Namugenyi, a businesswoman met in 2016 at Makerere Full Gospel Church where she was part of the evangelism team that would go door-to-door preaching the gospel in the neighbourhood.

When he joined the evangelism team, she was already a preacher and her zeal for the Lord coupled with her beauty and poise endeared her to him. Dennis says she ticked all the boxes; she was beautiful, calm, and stylish and had a great voice. In fact, he yearned to listen to her every time would sing in the church choir.

 “From the beginning, I knew that we would be more than just friends. She had something extra; perhaps the ‘x-factor’ that intrigued me and made me think about her all the time,” he says.

    Namugenyi on the other hand fell in love with this quiet, humble man who never missed overnight prayers at church.


“Dennis was a focused and persistent and would not give up even after five years of chasing after me and being told no at every turn. He is also a hard-working man who loves God. Although I am quiet, he is good with words; he has a way of making me open up easily and with him, I always feel heard,” she says.

He was ready to commit to her from the first time he saw her but she played hard to get for many years, barely giving him a chance to make his intentions known, until last year when she relented and accepted to go out on a date with Dennis.

“From her, I have learnt that love is patient. You have to be exceedingly persistent otherwise you can give up easily and miss the crown,” he says.

Handling conflicts

Grace had always thought that if two people truly loved each other, then they would never have any conflicts. However, with him, it became apparent that conflicts are part of every relationship and ironically, it is through their disagreements that she got to know him better and that changed her idea of love.


‘‘The Bible says that charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Grace is that woman and I am blessed to be her better half for the rest of our lives,” Dennis lists the character traits he loves about the woman he walked down the aisle a fortnight ago.

For Grace, it is the humility, love for God, caring and the fact that he spoils her with surprises that have made their commitment a beautiful experience. He proposed to her in August last year during a lunch date.

She narrates, “I asked for more time to think about it and pray and he gave me two weeks. Of course I said yes and after receiving his answer, he organised an engagement party in December.”

Dennis started by saving for an engagement ring because he wanted a two-carat diamond ring. When he got an opportunity to travel to the US in November last year, he went window shopping but discovered that he could not afford the ring he wanted. He, however, got some stunning alternatives. Back home, he went ahead and booked a place, ordered a cake and let a few friends in on his plan. He also tasked Grace’s best friend with the responsibility of ensuring that she showed up on the day.

“4.12.2022 was the day of our engagement. She was late and because of this, there was a lot of anxiety that she might not show up. When she finally came, I immediately got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. It was a total surprise for her and all the pieces came together beautifully to make the day memorable,” Dennis narrates.

The proposal changed the journey of the lovers’ commitment. He thought a lot about the proposal and by the time he got down on one knee, he knew beyond any doubt that she was his soulmate; he just could not wait to walk her down the aisle.  

 She used to ignore him, his calls and WhatsApp messages but after the proposal, she prayed and got assurance that he was God’s choice for her and that helped her focus on him and pray for their impending marriage. 


The lovebirds planned a small but elegant wedding for 150 guests. They held no wedding meetings but relied on their relatives and close friends for all they needed. They also avoided the tempatation to serve alcohol at their reception since they are balokole (born again Christians).

A live band serenaded their guests with worship songs and when they took a break, renowned gospel artiste Gabby Ntaate entertained their guests. Everything went smoothly as they had envisioned. The couple set out to have a marriage defined by patience, kindness, forgiveness and selflessness.   

She adds, “A marriage that is meant to last forever; one where the thought of divorce should never be entertained.”


At the time of filing this story, the couple were newly married and enjoying their honeymoon. They believe in being transparent, especially when it comes to their finances. They each disclose what they earn and together, they plan for their family.

“We put God first in our finances by giving tithes and offerings as well as setting aside some portion of our earnings to help the less-privileged,” she says.


Their relationship advice is to not let pressure weigh you down, especially with family and friends telling you time is running out.

“Just be yourself, trust God and you will know when it is your time and God will make all things beautiful,” Dennis tips.

Grace says, “Patience is key. You are not getting married to an angel but to a man who has flaws. Pray for the partner you want to get and trust that God will give you what you have prayed for. Finally, forget cultural differences because you can despise someone based on cultural sentiments when they are God’s choice for you.”