He proposed at a friend’s wedding meeting

Thursday October 07 2021

Ezra and Victoria will celebrate another wedding anniversary on October 10. PHOTO / COURTESY

By Joan Salmon

There were several opportunities to meet, and they wasted none. Surely, why waste opportunity when you can make good of it? That was and continues to be Ezra Walter Kabali and Victoria Nalwoga Kabali’s life.

The duo met at Victory City Church, Rubaga where Nalwoga was fellowshipping in 2017. 

“By then, we were just strangers that just saw each other at church where Ezra was volunteering in the administration of the church internet cafe,” Nalwoga reminisces.

These strangers then became one when on December 22, 2019, Ezra proposed to Nalwoga during one of their friend’s (Sharon Ssebagala) last wedding meeting at a restaurant next to Hotel Triangle. 

They must have surely picked a leaf from Sharon who was doing her last leg of preparations. 

“Ezra and I had gone for the wedding meeting and I expected nothing more. Unknown to me, Ezra had prepared a bouquet and an engagement ring. He also had placards written on ‘Will you marry me?’. Immediately after the wedding meeting, it was the usual banter,” she says.  


“Then before long, people stood up with the placards and then Ezra went down on one knee with a bouquet and ring. As I was still wrapping my mind around what was going on, he was on one knee proposing. Oh, I could not help shedding a tear or two. Indeed, I talked about it for days because it was such a shock,” she says. 

The meeting 

In 2018, Nalwoga started attending cooking classes at a home close to Ezra’s fashion and textile workshop (Safi na Zuri fashion House). 

Spotting her friend, Ezra nearby, Nalwoga occasionally passed by on her way home to say ‘hello’ and before long, she was also volunteering at the workshop. 

This gave the two the opportunity to draw closer. 

“I got the chance to see her character, kindness, respect and the love she had for people. That was besides her beauty, which was heart melting as well as her work ethic . This inspired me to get to know her more,” he says. 

On the other hand, Nalwoga loved Ezra’s prayer life, and principles of commitment, accountability, purity and integrity. 

“He is also handsome and always dressed impeccably,” she smiles.

Then when Ezra shifted his workshop to a new location in Kisasi, so did their relationship, which move to another level during the first week of September 2018. 

“We broke the friendship barrier to transcend to the courtship zone and we had an amazing time where we prayed together, and hang out every weekend. We also went for our favourite past time every Friday; the Power Sex Money (PSM) workshops at Watoto Church,” he says. 

By then, Ezra prayed from and also volunteered at Watoto Church while Nalwoga worked at St Catherine Hospital, Uganda’s front desk.

It even got better when Ezra started working at Peponi Couture, at Equatorial Mall and rented a house in Namasuba because they got the opportunity to go back home together. 

“After work, Nalwoga waited for me at Equatorial Mall so we could go home together as we were living in the same area. The kindness, love and care drew me closer to her and before long, I was smitten to a point of no return,” he adds.. 


In the midst of all the bliss were some thorns where Nalwoga was diagnosed with appendicitis and needed to undergo surgery. 

“That he continued caring for me despite the surgery affirmed to me that Ezra’s love for me was not only focused on the flesh but character and the heart,” she blushes. 

Besides that was gossip among some people that Ezra and Nalwoga were not meant to be. 

“It was a tough season but we chose to turn a deaf ear towards the negativity being spread as long as our relationship was being grounded on the right principles of purity and integrity and we had support from both our parents. We also chose to stay close, keep in prayer, purity, love and supporting each other,” looking back in gratitude. 

On to the positive side of life, finally Ezra made it official and before long, they enrolled for pre-marital counselling sessions at Watoto Church after parents on both sides blessed their desire to get married. 

Parents’ blessing

“It was humbling because every parent desires to attend their child’s wedding. However, at that moment, Nalwoga’s father and mother were still in Boston, Massachusetts because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, they kept in touch through online calls,” he admits. 

That said, there were a few wedding meetings coupled with online fundraisers. 

On October 10, 2020, Ezra and Nalwoga tied the knot at Watoto Church, with an entourage of the best man, matron, five groom’s men, three maids and a flower girl. 

“It was a very successful function because we were both happy that family and friends were present. Even those far off, in the US were watching online. That is not forgetting the conducive weather God blessed us with,” the say with unmasked gratitude.

However, while they were still basking in the joy of being married, on June 30, they suffered a big blow of losing their first born due to pressure during Nalwoga’s first pregnancy.

“It was a tough season which God is taking us through to this date. However, rather than wallow in the pain, we chose to use the time to draw even closer; growing to love each other more, harnessing our prayer life and strengthening our faith in God,” he admits. 

“However, the time has been extremely trying and we could never have made it on our own. In that vein, we are extremely thankful for the support rendered to us by our parents, pastors and friends. And in all this, we are waiting on God for another child and the more that God will bless us with, ” says the couple.