Here is why you should make New Year resolutions as a couple

Thursday January 14 2021
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Do not be alarmed if you do not get it right at first try

By Bradford Kamuntu

I know many of us are glad to see 2020 long gone. It was a tough year for many and everyone is looking forward to what lies ahead. Many of you have come up with new strategies on how to run your lives, new resolutions for the future. We get so flustered by our own personal resolutions that we forget to make some for our relationships and with our partners.

We need to make couples resolutions just as much as we need to make personal ones so that we may strengthen our unions. Working to make relationships healthier not only keeps couples together longer but studies have shown that people in happy and healthy relationships tend to live longer.
All this being considered, happy couples and relationships do not just happen organically. They require work, effort and planning, and making resolutions will help you accomplish what goals you have as a couple to ensure success.

Of recent, New Year resolutions have become some sort of joke. Most people think resolutions are fruitless. 
But the advantage of making them with your significant other is that you have an accountability partner. You are going to constantly remind each other of the things you are meant to be doing to strengthen your relationship and to move forward seamlessly.

Plan great activities together (and not just during the holidays). Make time to explore, travel, have unique dates within the city or even incorporate activities at home that involve participation from the both of you. 
Everyone feels generous around the holidays with their time and assistance and are usually more adventurous. Keep the same energy going throughout the year.

Do not sweat the small stuff going forward. If there are fights you could avoid, then do each other the favour of avoiding them. Try not to be passive aggressive or hold onto old emotions. Address them at the start of the year, clear the air and going forward address things as they come while you choose what requires attention in regards to disagreement and what can simply be let go.

Strive for emotional honesty in your relationship and the ability to take it like an adult and not be offended by what your partner shares with you. Even the bluntest of individuals sometimes struggle with coming to their partners about certain topics of conversation and opinions. 
For example, when you are experiencing thorny, irritational emotions such as bouts of jealousy, it is important to find a mature way to express how you are feeling to your partner without it being contentious, so that they may act appropriately.


Make attainable resolutions and make them for the greater good, for the survival of your relationship in the year to come and beyond. Do not be alarmed if you do not get it right at first try but keep trying until you get it right.