High school sweethearts

The priest presents a marriage certificate to Mr and Mrs Nkurikiye. Courtesy photos

What you need to know:

Godfrey Nkurikiye, 25, wedded Allen Iraguha, 24, on July 19, 2014 at Our Lady of Africa Church in Mbuya. They told Arafat Ndugga about their love journey and wedding day.

How did you meet?
Godfrey: I met Allen in 2006 in high school and we became friends. I was in A- Level and she, in O-Level. Thereafter, I went to university and we lost contact. Somehow, lady luck had something in store and she also joined Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi. By then, I was in third year in 2010. I asked her to be friends with me again which she never turned down.

When did you start dating?
Godfrey: We started dating last year as she was also completing her third year at university.
Allen: I believe we were interested in each other since high school. And when I joined university, we just polished our relationship.

What made you fall in love?
Godfrey: Allen is beautiful, presentable, caring, and down to earth. She is honest, hardworking and intelligent –she is a full package.
Allen: He is intelligent, social, loving, down to earth and hardworking – he has what it takes.

When did he propose and how did you feel?
Allen: In my third year. I was excited since I couldn’t believe it. I also never hesitated to accept the proposal since I loved him.

Where was the wedding and why?
Godfrey: We chose Our Lady of Africa, Mbuya Church because it is our place of worship. They also have clear marriage instructions which are easy to understand and are favourable.

Tell us about the interesting moments of your wedding?
Godfrey: When my father- in- law walked her down the aisle and my brother- in- law handed Allen over to me. The other moment was when I was saying the commitment vows and then exchanging rings.
Allen: The moment I said ‘I do’ in church and the photo moments at Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo.

What was the main source of funding?
Godfrey: Family and friends’ contributions.

How was your wedding eve?
Godfrey: I was busy following up on so many things so that they were implemented for the next day.
Allen: Quite busy. I spent most of the time in the salon and I was also nervous about what was going to happen the following day.

What did you like about the wedding?
Godfrey: The smart bridal entourage, guests turned up in big numbers and the whole organisation was good.
Allen: I liked the session when we had to change from formal bridal wear to African fabric and the wedding theme colour was superb.

Did you have any disappointments at your wedding?
Godfrey: None
Allen: There is a make-up product they used on my face that made me uncomfortable. Since my face is sensitive to make-up, my eyes were hurting and they were bloodshot.

What would you change if you redid the wedding?
Allen: I would change the timing of the wedding because we had limited time to enjoy since we were in rush to finalise with what we had planned. I would redo the photo taking.
Godfrey: I would come up with unique designs and style of our changing attire.

What is your advice to couples intending to wed?
Allen: Take time, pray and use what you can afford on your wedding. Also, plan five months in advance or earlier.
Godfrey: Listen to your heart and respect one another’s commitment and always plan in advance.

What was your parents view about your wedding?
Godfrey: They were happy since they knew about our friendship from way back.