If you cannot find a partner, it is okay  to ask for help

Thursday October 01 2020
By Christine Nakalungi

“Boy meets girl; they fall in love and live happily ever after.” Most romantic movies will make you believe this is true and surely this is everyone’s desire. Unfortunately, only a few get to live it. Many, on the other hand, go through the roughest routes to get to the altar.

Marriage is just like any other aspect of life. If you cannot get a breakthrough, it is okay to ask for help. Seeking for help in regard to a marriage partner should not be taken as a sign of failure.

 Our predecessors found life partners through arranged marriages although nowadays many do not want to take the same route. However, we run to dating sites and look for relationships through many other arrangements. 

Love is a widely sought ingredient of life. Almost everyone is looking for it but it does not usually come to everyone. 

Without love, life is boring and unbalanced. At a certain point, most people are on the wall after trying everything in their power to find the right suitor in vain. 

Lovers will come throughout the course of life but most of them do not stay. Although many break our hearts and drive us to the lonely island, most of them are just a lesson to prepare us for the right person to come.


So, will you continue dating the same kind of people and expect a different outcome or will you go and seek help from some people who may look beyond what you see?

Religious leaders usually get prayer requests from people who are asking for the same thing; marriage and then you wonder, wouldn’t it be great if they were somehow connected? Maybe they could be the other’s answered prayer.

Village leaders too spend time identifying different people and their characters. Instead of having so many single people as residents, why not connect those lonely hearts and see if love flourishes? 

Family elders can be persistent in asking you when you are getting married and most of them want a chance to get practical and find you a spouse. How about you give them a chance, which might save you the “is she right or wrong” discussion in the future.

It is true that Adam blamed God for giving him a wife, Eve, who in the end made him sin. The same way, most people will blame the person who introduced them to the spouse if things take a bad turn. But it should not be like that. If you are introduced to another single person, take on the responsibility of making the relationship work and if you cannot put in the work, then it is okay to stay single.

There are so many people who were introduced by a friend, workmate, family member or pastor and they are enjoying their happily ever after.

 So, no matter your fears, before you totally give up on love and marriage, explore the fact that someone else or a dating site can be the connection you need.
You never know who holds the key to your happiness. 

There are so many arranged marriages that are successful. So, give it a try. Even if it does not work out, at least you will know you tried.