If you do not want to marry her, find a better excuse

Thursday June 10 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

People use a lot of creativity to lure someone into a relationship but the laziness in ending the relationship can be unfair to the other person. It is usually like the relationship diluted the creativity out of someone and they just find any excuse to dump you.

 Can you imagine if someone swept your feet off the ground with statements such as, “I will love you until Lake Victoria dries up” but even before Bwaise floods dry up, he is talking about, “ I am sorry but I cannot be with you because my job is so demanding” or “my bank account is not fit for the relationship”. And the newest excuse by a certain celebrity, “I cannot marry you because I have to rebuild my mother’s graveyard.”

 I wonder who is worse, the person who just walks away without saying a word or someone who gives you a laughable excuse? Both do not deserve a relationship for eternity but like they say, “you will not regret what you did not say.” It is better to walk away with dignity than spending a sleepless night just to come up with an unforgivable excuse for breaking up with someone.

 If you feel like she or he is not the person for you, say it and be courteous enough to tell them why because then she will learn from that to be a better partnerto the next suitor. Then both parties get to win, you proudly walk away as the ‘worst ex’ but she learns a few tips on how to keep the next relationship.

 A few people will testify that ending a relationship is a nightmare but hey, it is not like they are going to crown you the best person to end a relationship. Either way, an ex-gains the reputation of a monster, nightmare and other ugly names but that is love’s cycle. What has a beginning also has an end.

Just keep it real.