It is the husband’s responsibility to pray for his family

Family: The couple is blessed with two children; Joshua Gabriel Kiyingi and Jeisy Melina Kiyingi.

What you need to know:

Although Babara and Watsemwa have been friends since high school, they believe that their marriage is working because they put God first in everything. Babara believes that a man who does not know how to pray should learn before getting married since it is a man’s responsibility to pray for his family.

“When you meet us, you may think we are not married. We are best friends and have been since high school to the extent that many people think we are brother and sister,” says 32-year-old Jonathan Babara.

Babara, a bachelors degree holder in Social Sciences from Kyambogo University, gospel artiste and entrepreneur says as a couple, they do not take many things too seriously and have a habit of laughing at their mistakes most of the time.

“My husband is the kind of man you will find in the kitchen, feeding our children while I cook, which gives us time to talk about the day. He has no problem helping me with house chores whenever he has the time,” says 28-year-old Caroline Watsemwa.

Saved by friendship

The couple emphasise the importance of marrying a friend since, they say, this has enabled them to overcome many storms that would have otherwise destroyed their marriage.

A member of Watsemwa’s family needed to sell his trees that covered a 40-acre piece of land and Babara was given the responsibility with a specific amount of money expected.

“As I hunted for buyers, I realised that cutting the trees and selling timber itself gave us a better deal and a window to make some extra cash. I looked for the capital to start cutting the trees and money started coming in. I would bank accordingly and remain with the profit. When the gentleman, who knew all this, came on ground and saw that this was working, he turned against me saying this was not what he had told me to do,” recalls Babara.

“My wife who knew the story from the start went to her family and engaged them over the details of the matter and it was clear who was wrong. Everyone said ‘if he had that plan of cutting from the start, where is the evidence of payment made?’ He could not produce it and this is what saved me,” Babara adds.


Babara and Watsemwa met through David Waiswa, Babara’s close friend. Waiswa, now a pastor in Jinja was then a househelp at Watsemwa’s home. He and Babara spoke regularly on phone and Watsemwa, together with her sisters would always request to say hello.

“In Jinja, my family are known servants of God as pastors, gospel artistes and worshippers.  I believe this is why Watsemwa and her sisters picked interest in me,” says Babara.

“Jesus was always first in his conversations and this hooked me. Throughout our time of knowing each other he was always accountable even when far away in Kampala something that caused me to trust him,” says Watsemwa, who at this time was still in Senior Two at Nakanyonyi Girls Secondary School in Jinja District while Babara was in Senior Four at Najjanankumbi Young Christian School in  Kampala.


‘‘I knew I could not take chances and wait for other men to ask her out. I was already to settle down and there was no other woman I wanted but Watsemwa. I decided to go to her hostel at Cavendish University in Nsambya and here, we talked about our future together,” says Babara.

However, since Babara was still a student and the lastborn in the family, this caused concern from his parents who had reservations about his decision to get married so early, especially since my elder sister and brother were not married. Lucky for him, his parents decided to support his decision. Watsemwa’s parents also declared their support for the couple, especially when Babara formerly visited their home and made his intentions known.


On April 7, 2017 Babara officially visited Watsemwa’s home (kukyala) and on December 2, 2017 Watsemwa introduced her husband-to-be to her family and friends at their ancestral home in Jinja Town. The couple was joined in holy matrimony on the December 23, 2017 at Deliverance Church in Makerere, Kampala.

Challenges, achievements

Babara and Watsemwa agree that being friends who communicate openly has shielded them from many challenges.

“What we are still figuring out is the difference in character. I am more reserved yet my husband is very outgoing. Sometimes, we fight over how much of our lives we should share with the public,” says Watsemwa.

Ministry also introduces the couple to different kinds of people with different needs and thus, there is always an urge to do something about the people’s needs.

“I do not mind bringing some people who have nowhere to stay home. My wife on the other hand prefers to keep our privacy. Striking this balance is still a work in progress for us,” says Babara.

The Babara’s have achieved consistency in praying together, sharing the word of God together and being open with each other, something they believe has kept their marriage strong.

“When my wife corrects or advises me, I listen. Before she does anything, she consults me. Even when I am away, she will call or send a message,” Babara says, adding that the primary responsibility of a husband is to pray for his family.


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