Life is the greatest gift we have  this Christmas

Thursday December 24 2020
By Christine Nakalungi

This year has been a challenging year for almost everyone. We have lived in fear of the unknown. 

Many lives have been lost, businesses have crumbled and many people have lost jobs. 2020 has ruined so many plans and torn apart many wishes but all in all, you are still alive. Life is the biggest gift you can ever have this Christmas.

When the Covid-19 pandemic brought the mighty to their knees, God spared you. Most people thought they had cheated Covid-19 only to be frustrated by other spears of pain and misery. Schools were closed, churches where we would have gone for prayers were closed too. 

The human race was left in the hands of time, the only hope we have is time will heal everything. With time, new vaccinations are coming up, other solutions are being established and hopefully with time, Covid-19 will no longer be a threat to the human race.

Besides everything and through it all, your star is still shining. Many people’s dreams might have seemed like they hit rock bottom but with life, anything is possible. If you have a million reasons to complain about 2020, remember that God did not allow death to rob you. You might be single, divorced, widowed, jobless, sick or struggling with life but this is another Christmas to celebrate with your family and loved ones. Count it as a blessing. 

I heard of a woman who lost weight so as to fit in her dream wedding gown. But after going through all that, her fiancé succumbed to the sneaky Coronavirus. Another newlywed lost her husband a day after their wedding. Life has not been fair for most people, especially this year. 


All we can do is to believe and hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us.
 As we celebrate, let us be grateful for the gift of life. We might not have everything we hoped or wished for but our heart is still pumping and that is a reason to wake up and say, “Thank you Lord” For we are still alive not because we are more deserving than the others who did not make it but because God has allowed us to see this day. 
Merry Christmas to everybody and stay safe. Stay hopeful that we will have a happy new year.