Love is not a game

Thursday August 05 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

Dear men, if you present your ‘manifesto’ to a woman you like, you should expect a ‘yes’, a ‘no’, a ‘maybe’ or even a ‘get out of my face’ reply. You should be open to a possibility of a rejection.

When a woman says no, she means it but some people have succeeded in pursuing a person until her no turns into a yes but before you prolong the pain of rejection, be sure not to blackmail someone into accepting you.

 “You are really a nice person but I do not think we are meant to be anything other than friends. I am so sorry, but I know that you will find a beautiful woman who will adore you,” I once overheard a woman tell a man.

As she got ready to go, the man said, “who do you think will pay for the food you just ate? I do not spend money on every woman, you are not my girlfriend.” She sat back and looked at him.

He looked away.

The woman raised her hand to call the waiter and requested for the bill.


 Do you still think that he deserved another chance?

“The man could not even pay for my meal and yet he invited me here,” she spoke to someone on the phone.

He became more furious and by the time the waiter returned with the bill, both of them had had enough of each other. The woman took out two Shs50,000 notes and paid. “Keep the change,” She told the waiter whose face lit up with excitement.

“It was memorable knowing you. Please do not call me again.” She picked up her bag and left. Before she could go far, the man got up and said, “that’s why you are still single, you are confused and do not know what you want. You will never find someone better than me.”

She turned in shock but managed to compose herself and leave the eatery fast as her legs could carry her while the man continued ranting and cursing her.

When she finally disappeared from his sight, he put his head on the table and muttered to himself.

Much as I was still enjoying the drama, I realised that the poor man just did what most people do.

He had tried emotional blackmail and she still did not change her mind. Most people think that because they are wealthy, God-fearing and come from a good family that they cannot face rejection from a woman.

However, anyone has the right to either accept your proposal or turn it down. Some women play the blackmail game and some even manage to get pregnant for the man hoping that she will blackmail him into staying in a relationship, but all this is of no benefit.

Love should not be forced and should definitely not be taken as a game.