Money is important but not a priority

Thursday February 18 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

People look at life differently and I think it is unfair to despise someone who might prefer to live a life different from yours. We all love nice things. So, why does a woman suddenly become a gold digger the moment she shows she loves expensive things?

At some point in life, some women give up on love. If you did not go through a messy breakup that made you swear to only love with the head other than the heart, then you are lucky. A number of people at one time loved genuinely only to be paid back with pain, mistrust, and bruises.

Some have never healed yet others used the heartbreak as a weapon to either hurt others or to revenge. Others became lovers of money. I have met so many people who went into a relationship for money but drowned in love. You know, it is so easy to convince yourself that once I have got enough money, then I will quit the relationship. So many times, people who enter a relationship with such a mindset start appreciating their partner and forget all about the money.

The problem, however, is with convincing someone who believes you are in it for the money that you have changed. Some people believe that all women love money and cannot genuinely fall in love and yet the same men use money to lure women into a relationship.

The biggest problem in a money-filled relationship is to convince someone who believes that you are in a relationship because of what he can give you that you are really in love with them. The man will suggest that he takes away all the money and fancy cars to see whether you still love him. To me, this is wrong and unfair in so many ways. The woman too will become defensive, “Oh, if you do not believe me, then let us call it quits.”

But then you wonder, don’t rich people deserve to be loved? How do you expect them to get married if you call all their suitors gold diggers? Not everyone is supposed to be rich in this life, but that does not mean that because he has a healthy bank balance, he will not find a genuine wife. If money gets you the wife you want, what is evil about that?


 So many relationships started with admiration of her smile, body, her sense of fashion or his abs. No one though ever labels them anything but once you love a rich person then the relationship is no longer about love but money.

How many people will survive a marriage if your intelligent spouse is suddenly diagnosed with, say, mental illness? or your once model girlfriend gives birth, gains weight and no longer wears those six-inch heels?

To the single and searching, the more a man gives you the life you admire, the easier it is to fall in love with him. You might be netted before you even realise it so as you get used to the rich life, remember that money does not define love. Therefore, no man should imprison you because he is richer than you.