Mutual understanding and humility has kept us together

Romano Masiga met Naume Kyakwera

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It has been a bumpy road for Romano Masiga and Naume Kyakwera because just like any other relationship have had a fair share of challenges. However, they work through them with determination to keep their relationship alive

Romano Masiga met Naume Kyakwera during secondary school. “In 2013, while at MM College Wairaka, I met a young girl who intrigued me with her kind and gentle soul and yet strong willed character,” Romano recounts.

Naume, on the other hand, says Romano exhibited great virtues of hardwork and patience which drew her close to him.

“We both felt the urge to be friends and learn more about each other. The journey has been amazing, filled with highs and lows,” they share.

The couple’s love has been tested by breakups and long distances over the years.

The journey

“Naume was a class below and we were limited by the fact that dating at school was prohibited,” he reveals.

Romano says he would meet Naume during holidays and they usually ensured they focused on completing their school assignments together which strengthened their relationship.

“We were fortunate enough to pass our secondary school studies and proceed to the same University where our love continued to blossom,” he adds.

Romano admits being taken up slightly by the beauty that surrounded him since he joined University earlier than Naume which he overcame with practising self-control and staying on course with purpose.

Unlike other couples, these love birds say most of their best moments to be the fights they overcame.

“I obviously enjoyed the birthday celebrations and outings but loved how the fights gave us perspective on how best to handle each other. At the end of every fight, we matured into more caring and understanding individuals,” Naume reflects.

Normally, during the fights, the couple reveals they almost called it quits but kept on believing in a future together.

The break-up

In 2018, the couple’s love was struck by long distance. This, they say, was probably one of the toughest decisions they had to make together.

“Naume had to leave the country in search of greener pastures. I was uncomfortable pursuing a long distance relationship given that it comes with a lot of temptations and lost hope of us making it through,” Romano explains.

During this period, the couple went through trials and nearly gave up on each other.

“We decided to communicate more so that each knew what the other was up to all the time. We called each other and videa chatted regularly,”  he says.

He adds; “whenever, there was a mishap in communication for instance someone missed another’s call, the other person was left in suspense and that ignited arguments and mistrust between us..

With time, there was more bitterness than love  so the couple calle dit quits.

“Luckily, after two months of our breakup, Naume called me and we had a chat in which we eventually resolved our differences. We apologised and have since appreciated the power of a sincere apology,” says Romano

After three years, Naume returned from her duties overseas and the love birds were reunited once again.

“I believe understanding each other coupled with love have kept us glued to one another,” Naume shares.

Making it work

The pair believes that their nine-year relationship has been remarkably held together by virtues they both hold dear.

“Decision making has been our biggest challenge over the years. However, we have learnt to listen to each other and everyone has the opportunity to express their thoughts and views as we reach a compromise,” they say.

The couple believes that compromising to reach a middle ground is instrumental in healing heartaches and ensuring peace as people are entitled to their own opinions and have ideological differences.


Romano intends to officialise his relationship with his fiancé with the help of God’s blessings and timing.

“I acknowledge the need to grow as a couple and intend to save most of the money. I will also hold fundraising meetings,” he says.

The groom-to-be envisions a stress free function where he does not have to rely on other people to officialise his love for Naume.


Just like any other couple, the love birds have a unified vision for their future home and children.

“I would love to have children of my own and a home filled with love and strong companionship,” Naume envisions.

Conclusively, they say they look forward to raising a godly family, built on Christian principles and starting a business that sustains the household.


Romano and Naume urge couples to remain honest when communicating. This saves one from lengthy and tiring explanations.


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