Patience’s medical care attracted him to seek her affection

Tadeo and Patience Rusoke pose for photographs after the interview at the Children’s Public Park in Kamwokya, Kampala. Photos/Edgar R Batte

What you need to know:

  • When Tadeo Rusoke went to visit his friend in hospital, the last thing he had on his mind was falling in love. However,  when he saw how Patience Birungi was tending to his friend, Tadeo’s heart stopped for a second. In her, he saw a wife.

She met him at St Francis Hospital, Nsambya on March 8, 2012. Taddeo Rusoke had gone to visit a sick friend whom Patience Birungi was treating at the time. As Tadeo was leaving the hospital, he asked for Patience’s contact in order to get updates about his friend.  

Likewise, Patience was smitten by the handsome man who intently listened to her updates as he asked about his friend. 
Never taking his eyes off the beautiful nurse, Rusoke was definitely smitten. “I think it was love at first sight. Later, I realised Patience was a caring and supportive person, one who would take care of the home even while I was away,” he reminisces about that moment  when he fell head over heels over the woman he determinedly pursued to make his wife.

She continues to practice as a nursing officer while Rusoke is now an academic doctor, and a senior lecturer of conservation studies at Nkumba University on Entebbe Road.  
He confessed his attraction to her and when she responded in the affirmative, it was greenlight for him to kick-start plans date her. “Taddeo was very determined, truthful and would extend a helping hand to the family. When he came into my life, I felt complete,” an elated Patience recalls. 
Rusoke was encouraged by her support and care which warmed his heart in a convincing way that changed their relationship from mere acquaintances to friends because as they discovered, each of them had developed feelings for the other.
She was proud of having him in her life so much that she would introduce him to her friends every time they met. He did the same and went on to introduce her to his parents. 
On the first date, Taddeo took her to the Zoo where they had a good time together. It was an amazing time for Patience since it was her first time at The Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre. 

Then, they started hanging out with mutual friends, still in Entebbe where they would go out to the beach and enjoy fried tilapia. Then she got pregnant with their first born, and with that, he was not turning back. 
He proposed to her at the introduction ceremony on August 31, this year. It was a moment she had longed for. “I welcomed the proposal,” she adds. In planning and executing the proposal, Rusoke went to Kampala to buy the ring with his best man who kept the ring untill the introduction day.

On that day, Tadeo was so nervous that he forgot on which finger to place the ring.  “He put the engagement ring on the right hand which was wrong. However, everything else went smoothly as all our guests kept time and the décor was on point,” Patience recalls. Rusoke smiles saying everything went as planned, except for the emcee who hurried them towards the end.
 With confirmed commitment, the lovebirds set out to work together for the good of each other’s families, more so to travel the world, and raise God-fearing and responsible children.
“What marriage did you set out to have?” I ask. The Rusokes say they want  theirs to be a successful marriage, full of love, happiness and kindness. 

It was the distance at the time she worked at a health facility in Masaka while her husband worked and lived in Entebbe. Her heart is now settled having been transferred to work in Kampala and they now live togetther as a family
“Patience likes spending quite often, buying extra items that are not on the budget. Well, I give her money to do the shopping,” he adds.  That is not to say that they do not plan on what to spend on. She says, “We agree on who to pay for what.” The couple is planning to open up a joint bank account for family-related expenses. However,  most times, they are transparent about their expenditures.

The Rusokes complement one another by appreciating each other’s efforts as well as sharing some roles. “I also try to make myself available most of the time,” he says, adding that they are realistic and live within their means.
“I find time to be with my husband and I apologise when I have wronged him,” she says.

Patience says being in a committed relationship has taught her that couples should be patient with one another. 
Rusoke advises, “Learn to forgive, it is okay to disagree, build trust and communicate often.” 
As Brendan Francis, a writer and radio host, put it, a man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.


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