She made me believe in love again

Thursday May 06 2021

Sharon and Henry say for the seven years they have been together, their anchor is faith in God. PHOTO/Edgar r. Batte

By Edgar R. Batte

He had his eyes on her because she seemed different. Every time Sharon Navubya Nakato would go past Henry Kirumaganyi’s home, she would kneel and greet him and everyone in his company.

Because of this, Henry knew she was unique. She knew him as an artiste and her perception was that he was another celebrated artiste with a number of women baiting him for love so she did not have much hope that with his fame, he would settle down and commit to a relationship.

However, Nakato was wrong because Kirumaganyi, commonly known by stage name Henry Tigan, had had his share of heartbreaks in relationships and was looking for a woman to settle down with. He admired her well-cultured nature and as such, decided to make a move towards getting to know her on a personal level. One of his friends  was her brother’s friend so he asked him to act as a go-between.


He was glad to initiate the friendship. As the two got to know each other, she discovered that he was serious enough to open up about the need for the two of them to grow a friendship that would eventually grow into a solid mutual commitment.

To Sharon, he was someone who kept his promises, was humurous and honest. As he said things to woo her, he also opened up about his past relationships and about a child he had from a past relationship. She loved the fact that he was honest and very affectionate and now knew that she had totally misjudged him. With time, Tigan asked her out on a date, a proposal she accepted.


At the time, she was a student at YMCA, pursuing a course in journalism. He would pick and drop her at the Wandegeya campus. One day, he asked her to inform her parents that he was ready to officially visit and make his intentions known in regard to committing to their daughter.

“I was so happy that he had suggested visiting my guardians to officially become my man. We were ready to start a relationship of commitment that was founded on respect and love for each other,” an elated Nakato recounts.

He officially visited her family in June 2019. He says he  was confident in doing so because she is a woman who exhibits traits he admired. “She was well-behaved, a good listener, honest, trustworthy and patient.”

“At the time we met, I told her that I was not doing well but optimistic about providing for the family as well as fulfilling plans we would come up with as a couple. When she graduated, we held a modest party to celebrate the milestone,” he reveals as he cuddles one of their children.


Tigan is a ssalongo (father of twins) and his wife, a nnalongo (mother of twins). She says before starting a relationship with him, she was a big fan of his music.

And to prove that, she belts out the chorus of his break-out song titled Abogeezi, which she also says has a strong message that strengthens and encourages her to keep faithful in her relationship.

“It is his first song I got to know back in 2006. It touched me because of the deep message in it. It made a lot of sense when we started our relationship because many people thought and said that our relationship would not be successful but I am glad that we proved them wrong. We have been together for seven years and are smoothly moving on as we continue to love one another. I pray and ask God to continue blessing our relationship. We are ambitious and I know we are going to achieve great things as a couple,” Nakato explains.

Tigan says they anchor their relationship on their faith in God.

“I had not been lucky in love until I met my nnalongo. We got to know and understand that we were going into a committed relationship so we managed our expectations. We are faithful to each other, have mutual respect and are careful about the advice we get from friends. My friends commend her for being a well-behaved woman,” he says.