Sometimes moving on means moving away

Thursday March 04 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

Heartbreaks come in different shapes and forms. However, the victim has to play the move on game tactically to avoid being stuck in the past forever.

He wants to move away, from everything that reminds him of her betrayal. Because now that the life they had built together is no more, all the wonderful memories have turned into disgust. Her favourite restaurant had become his favourite too but how can he ever go there again with all the tormenting memories and at worst knowing that he could bump into her with her new lover? It is devastating and yet real.

His apartment reminds him of the once sweet memories that have now turned sour. A place he once called home is now a haunted house. Everything from the furniture they picked together to how she selected his perfumes and bathroom freshener. The house smells like her and this is not helping his moving on process.

Sadly again, his neighbours keep asking him about her. He once brought home another girl and the neighbours turned it into a public conversation. One of the neighbours even took her photo and forwarded it to his ex. The ex-girlfriend enjoyed the tormenting game when she forwarded it to him and mocked, “She is not as beautiful as I am but it is a good start.”

 It has been more than six months and yet everyday seems like it is driving him crazier. He had introduced her to his friends and they too are not helping the situation. Only some of the female friends are happy they broke up but one of his male friends made a bad joke, “If I knew that she was a player, maybe I would have tried my luck too.” This was a bad joke and after he said it, he realised it was stupid. He apologised but this did not take away the pain his friend felt. He spent another week in anguish and depression.

How does he even introduce another woman to his family? He thought he was settled and unfortunately his family too liked her so much that no matter what he tells them, they still blame him for the break-up. So, in a world filled with friends and family, he feels all alone.


All he wants is a fresh start far away from all the demons of the past. But how do you start over. How long and far will you run? How can you escape the memories which are stuck with you forever? Is it cowardly for you to keep running? What if it happens again? Will you keep running?