Telling someone you like them is not as easy as it seems

Those nerves mean you are doing something that matters. PHOTO/getty images

What you need to know:

  • It is best to wait until after you have talked to your crush so that you are not influenced by what anyone else might have provided to you in the way of advice.

Taking that first step and telling someone that you like them is about as scary as it gets, and those heart-thumping moments before you open yourself up can be enough to make you throw on your running shoes and flee.
Many of us shy away from telling the object of our affection how we feel about them as we are not sure how to go about it. We convince ourselves that they will figure it out of their own accord or that they are actually already fully aware but are just not interested. In the age of social media and internet dating, many of us are even more reluctant to be upfront about how we feel.


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