The joys and challenges of raising quadruplets

John Momanyi, his wife Maggie Obegi and their quadruplets, two girls Peris Nyarangi and Gianna Nyamusi, and two boys, Giovanni Gichana and Manuel Onyancha.. PHOTO/

What you need to know:

John and Maggie were devastated by the loss of their first born daughter who the mother had carried to term. A year later, they tried for another child and the doctor told them they were carrying three babies, only for Maggie to give birth to four.

John Momanyi and Maggie Obegi, both Kenyan, were excited at the prospect of becoming parents in 2018. That February, when Maggie broke the news that she was pregnant, John could hardly conceal the joy that welled up in his heart.  John, who is in his mid-30s, recalls how he often stroked and caressed Maggie’s belly, talking to his child in anticipation.


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