The secret is in trusting each other

Rev Jasper Tumuhimbise and his wife Peace Asiimwe say their secret is in trusting each other. 

What you need to know:

  • Rev Jasper Tumuhimbise says from the time he met Peace, he knew she was the one and a few months after their first meeting, he proposed. 25 years later, the couple say their love for each grows stronger each day.

26 years ago, in 1996, Rev Jasper Tumuhimbise, through his cousin, met Peace Asiimwe. From the very beginning, he fell in love with this calm woman with long, silky hair. However, on this particular day, a meeting had been called to help Peace, who had just graduated with a Diploma in Education, find a job. 

“After exchanging pleasantries, Immy Byaruhanga (who later became my best man) and I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said yes. She, however, added that it was not serious since the man she was dating was an alcoholic,” Rev Jasper says.

The meeting took place at St Francis Chapel at Makerere University and after the service, the three travelled to Mengo, Kampala, to meet the director of a certain school. 

“On seeing Peace, the director instead started admiring her beauty. We quickly ‘woke up’ to the reality of him becoming a suitor since he was also a bachelor. While he had given us an appointment for the next day (Monday), we decided to look somewhere else. Peace finally got a job as a clerk with Friends Bus Service,” Rev Jasper says.


Peace says she was attracted to Jasper because he is a handsome man with dimples and a gap in his teeth. He was also truthful from the beginning, a born again Christian and quite funny. Rev Jasper (a traffic officer with Uganda Railways in Tororo then) did not waste time in making his intentions known. In December 1996, he proposed. 

“It was only a few months after meeting Peace but I knew she was the one. I had to make do with a ring bought on the street and a meal at Makerere Guest House. In the past, engagements were not costly; a meal of chips and chicken then was Shs8,000 while the ring, which I bought near Uganda Book Shop, cost Shs3,000. We made a promise to get married in 1997,” he says. 

Sticking to their word, Peace and Jasper had their Kuhingira on August 23, 1997, one week before the wedding which was held at All Saints Cathedral in Kampala and the reception at Kyambogo University.

First year

It was quite tough for Peace who had to move to Tororo where Rev Jasper worked. 

“It was too hot. For the first few weeks, I stayed indoors and drunk a lot of water. However, with time, I adapted to the environment and we lived in Tororo until August 1999 when my husband was transferred to Kampala as a senior inspectorate officer in the Inspector General of Government’s office,” she says.

Although Peace was also eager to start a family, It took her a while to get pregnant. 

“While my husband was calm, I was becoming impatient. Thankfully, I conceived but only discovered after six months that I was carrying twins,” Peace says, adding that the twins were born in August 1998.


Rev Jasper and Peace have had their share of hurdles. First was the periodic lack of money. However, they have had lots of help along the way, especially from family members. 

“My aunt and uncle the Turihos as well as my siblings, Grant and Comfort always came through when we needed help,” she says.

Then, in their third year, on July 13, Jasper and Peace lost their day old baby at Mulago National Referral Hospital. According to Peace, Jashar Kiiza Atukwatse suffered severe nose bleeding which led to his demise. Apart from people standing with us, we also prayed through the crisis.  I am glad Jasper is a prayerful man,” Peace says.

Peace also fell ill and became incapacitated for about two and a half years. “I suffered from Arthritis Rheumatoid but I am extremely thankful to my husband who stood with me. He would do everything for me. Although some days were really difficult, I am glad that he persevered. I am also grateful to family and friends who were helpful, especially with paying the medical bills,” she says.

Silver jubilee

With four biological children (three boys and one girl) and many others they have taken care of, Rev Jasper and Peace are grateful for how far the Lord has brought them. The couple say it has been a journey filled with favour and God’s grace. 

Rev Jasper and Peace are part of a group that meets every Friday. In the group, all wives are referred to as enablers .

“In the six years of its existence, the forum has enabled us to be accountable to one another and also listen to each other’s challenges without any judgement or letting gossip take root,” Rev Jasper says. 

The couple empahise the need to trust God and one another. 

“We share both the good and bad times. We also share plans and all our resources and keep everything transparent,” they say.

Favourite activity

The couple loves travelling and sitting down for a heart-to-heart talk. 

“Travelling is enjoyable, especially when we are alone in the vehicle and he is driving,” Peace says.

Rev Jasper and Peace are also part of a group that meets every Friday to listen to each other’s challenges without any judgement or letting gossip take root.


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