What most men wish their partners knew

What you need to know:

Taking and taking from any person causes resentment and tension

For most people in on going relationships, there are those things that grate at the relationship and if not addressed, end up damaging it. Although women tend to be more tolerant, men have less patience and instead of communicating with their partners to resolve issues, they withdraw and sometimes, end the relationship.  So, what are those things your sweetheart wishes they could change about you?


We have all met those uniquely gifted women that can make a storm in a tea cup. A lost sock or broken glass will be turned into a major catastrophe. A missed call or a few minutes’ delays for a cousin’s wedding will make her unravel. They call them drama queens and other less flattering names, men do not enjoy seeing their partner having a meltdown because they cannot find their favourite pair of earrings or Nancy at the office failed to complement them on their new hairdo.  Learn to relax and take things in your stride.

Neglect of one’s appearance

Although many men complain to their friends about how much time and money women spend on their hair and clothing, deep down, they appreciate the effort. There is a tendency for women to relax once they are in settled relationships, often to the chagrin of their partners. Remember how much he used to complement your outfits, your hair and even your scents? They do miss that. According to Helen Andelin, the author of Fascinating Womanhood, men view women as goddesses and expect them to always look flawless. If you have a small budget to work with, just buy good quality toiletries so you are able to groom yourself from home.  Also, invest in those accessories that will elevate your outfits without much effort.

Unkempt home

It is generally accepted that one’s home is their castle. Because many men lack the ability to turn a house into a home, they rely on their partners to do this for them. It is true that our days are hectic and leave little time for even cleaning our homes, but there are some tricks one can use to keep their home looking neat. If your partner seems to be spending more time in other people’s homes and always makes excuses whenever someone proposes a visit, then take inventory of the shape of your home and straighten it out. This is something that will bring you both joy and peace.

Over dependence

Taking and taking from any person apart from probably your parents causes resentment and tension. Although many men feel flattered when they are given the opportunity to provide and protect, excessive dependence on their time and money can often sour a perfectly good relationship. Try to have the courage and faith in your ability to solve your own problems, this will earn you his respect and he will even bend backwards to offer his help without you asking for it.


It is the era of the slay-queen. We want to live the kind of lifestyles we see on reality TV shows. These shows with their vapid consumerism make us believe that more is better. We want a bigger house, a more expensive car, designer wardrobe yet our incomes cannot support that lifestyle. This is what inspired SMAU; men do not understand the need to aspire to live like this. It does not matter whether the money is yours, extravagance is a red flag, especially for men that have big plans and want to create a legacy for themselves and their families. It is okay to spoil yourself once in a while, after all you are worth it, but if all you earn is spent on these non-essentials it is time to pay a visit to a personal finance expert for advice. 


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