When planning a first date, stay away from the ordinary

Thursday December 03 2020

A first date will leave a lasting impression on both of you. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

By Bradford Kamuntu

A first date is always important. It is where you make the decision to move beyond a conversation with someone and explore the possible reality of a relationship. It is also where you make that all important first impression, with the way you dress, with your conversation, accomplishments and of course, what sort of date you will have planned.

Over the years, these have gotten more and more creative with our generation. People seem to go over and beyond what they used to in order to execute that perfect first meet up.

It is like choosing what to read (I know, do not judge a book by its cover) but we can judge it by how the story begins. No matter how amazing the storyline is, if the introduction fails to grab the reader’s attention, then it is not going to be read simply because no one likes their time wasted. Relationships work this way too.

Growing up (and I think many of you share the same sentiment) my idea of a first date was the stereotypical cheap dinner and a movie, or that is at least what we were led to believe from the movies and stories we heard.

Thankfully, the world has evolved as has people’s creativity. First dates have gotten bigger, bolder and more ambitious. So, there is really no excuse (except for maybe laziness) as to why you should be subjected to a poorly thought out date.

For example, instead of sitting at a restaurant, where your date has probably been a thousand times and can probably afford the meal themselves, perhaps try planning and curating your own picnic. Outdoor activities are always a great idea. Pair them with food and good conversation and you might not need to state your case much further.


Use the time in conversation before agreeing to a meeting to get to know exactly what food that potential person is into. Get creative with it as you are preparing your picnic basket since the thoughtfulness of that alone will have you at the forefront, ahead of any potential opponents.

Are you a runner? Is fitness more your thing? Then plan a date to run in your neighbourhood or theirs. Meet up for a jog or some exercises at the gym as you also use this time to talk more and get to know each other.

Did you discover any shared interests while you were chatting? Explore how you could possibly incorporate those into your first date, do you both enjoy Tom Hanks movies? Find a space and a projector to rent and watch Castaway or Forrest Gump together.

Do both of you have interests in the culinary arts? Then find a cooking class to attend together.

A first date will leave a lasting impression on both of you. It is what you shall both reference in the future when you think back on how your story began and so, it should be treated just as importantly as any other momentous occasion in your relationships.