When you choose to be unfaithful, be ready for the outcome

Thursday July 29 2021

Christine Nakalungi

By Christine Nakalungi

James has been ringing my phone off the hook. Reason, his wife has filed for divorce and custody for their two daughters. James was caught with his secretary in their matrimonial home when he thought the wife had gone to her home for her aunt’s funeral. She was not supposed to come back until the following day, but her brothers convinced her to come back with them earlier.

She texted James but she never got a reply, so she thought that he was busy.

Yes, he was busy indeed and with what she saw, she did not even do anything. She said she stared at them, her legs froze, she could not move or say anything.

They dressed up; the woman ran out of the room asking for forgiveness but all she did was stare at them.

“At this moment I realised that there is no return,”  the wife narrated.

A few hours later, her brothers came and together they packed everything that they could. The house was given to the couple by James’s in-laws when they got married so James and anything that belonged to him was put at the gate.


James’s wife was still in shock.

Meanwhile his brothers-in-law threatened to beat him up if he did not leave.

The following week he received the divorce papers, and the wife was asking for full custody of their daughters.

James has called anybody he thinks can put in a good word for him. I personally had no words to tell him or his wife because this was an issue between the two grown individuals.

“My home was defiled; I can smell that lady in what used to be our bed. That was it, I deserve love and respect and if I cannot get it from someone, I called my husband then there is nothing else I can expect from him” she said.

She was hurt and you could tell.

Forgiveness is not a guarantee, so many people think that they might never be caught but as you plan on being unfaithful to your spouse, you should start planning on what you will do if you are caught and not forgiven.

Some people are lucky to be forgiven after a series of unfaithfulness but not all spouses are created with the same heart. Some people will not come back from the hurt you cause them so do not act surprised if your spouse does not forgive you for your unfaithfulness. But be ready to swallow whatever you chewed.