Hawa finds her groove with gospel

Musa has served at Kibuli Miracle Centre, Fountain of Light Ministries before she joined Kansanga Miracle Centre mass choir in 2007 where she is still a worship leader. Her friends describe her as loving, calm, reserved and strong willed. Musa loves music, fashion and travelling.

What you need to know:

FROM MOSQUE TO CHURCH. Hawa Musa grew up going to the mosque. One day, she started going to church and developed interest in telling her story through gospel music unlike her former faith, Islam. It was not a smooth road as she told Edgar R. Batte.

Her name is something of interest. Hawa Musa should be Muslim but she recently held a gospel concert dubbed “Vine Glory” at Silver Springs Hotel, in Kampala. She is a born again Christian from a Muslim background. She says she changed to Christianity in search of peace, hope and joy.

“I even contemplated committing suicide. But in 2002, when I was in Senior Three at Muyenga High School. I shared what I was going through with my Christian friends, and they shared testimonies that encouraged me and I gave my life to Jesus Christ, believing to see some change. I started attending Scripture Union fellowships but I did not tell my parents about my change in faith because I was worried about what my family would do,” she narrates.

Opens up
She kept her change in faith a secret for six months. When she had gained confidence she opened up to her parents about it. They called her crazy on top of insulting her. At some point, she fled home for three months and stayed with her Christian relatives. She only returned home when she was sure she was not going to be tortured because of her belief.

She adds that it was a tough journey. “I had no money to record my own songs and no platform. One day, I was given a chance to sing at a show which was about to end. I remember there were only six people,” she recounts.

This kick started her journey and although on a low note, Musa was willing to go the distance.

On her music
Musa set out to sing songs that inspired the next person, giving them hope to persevere so as to achieve what God has kept in store for them.

“Even when I have challenging situations, I sing about victories. My music is also partly testimonial, for instance Ampadde and Everything I am, on the new album are testimonial,” she says. The two songs are off her latest album titled No Me Without You.

Her other testimonial song is You are everything I am, which she composed after a break up. She finds strength to sing that even through challenges without a boyfriend she can survive, be happy and have a future because the lord is there.

Nayimba is another of her songs, in which she observes that if the Lord does not help then no one will and where He does not take you no one will take you.

“I sang Nayimba when I was about to quit gospel music. I read a scripture that consoled me. This was in Psalm 75:10, which says, “‘Promotion comes from neither the East nor the West but from the Lord’,” she explains. In Ampadde, she thanks the lord for the victories in her life.

Ampadde is the title track to her maiden 12-track album. So far, she has 19 songs. She has seven other songs which she will include on her forthcoming album. Musa is a versatile artiste who can do music of different styles, from zouk, reggae, Afro beat and kwaito.

She says singing is a passion, money is secondary because, as she argues, money is important but she would perform for free.


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