Lessons from women in the bible

Reverend Canon Christine Shimanya, Uganda Parliament Chaplain.

What you need to know:

VALOUR. With their unadorned faith, the women of the Bible continue to teach us how to live authentic, God-touched lives. No matter what our spiritual traditions are, we can find ourselves in their stories, writes Pauline Bangirana

In the bible, there is a number of women we look up to and pick a leaf from their stories. I admire Ruth because she was poor and a foreigner, but she listened to the advice of Naomi, an older, wiser woman. In turn, Naomi was rewarded by Ruth’s unfaltering loyalty. The message? Courage and ingenuity triumph over misfortune.
Ruth, a childless widow later became the great-grandmother of Israel’s great king, David. So, different people tell us the lessons from women in the Bible.

Lelia Kyomuhangi- Business woman
Mary Magdalene stands out in the bible. She was a prostitute who asked Jesus for forgiveness and reconciled with God.
1. With the many challenges one can turn to the Lord because he will comfort you and he always accepts you the way you are.
2. Mary Magdalene was almost stoned to death because of being a prostitute by the same men who had been using her. Therefore, women should not trust men but rather believe in yourself because the men who are nice to you could turn against you.
3. Regardless of her past, she was courageous. She accepted her mistakes and repented.

Jackie Asiimwe Mwesige, Woman activist
Deborah was the only female judge named in the book of Judges. In a male-dominated world, that was rare and a trail blazer.
1. Women are capable leaders because they are strong. They can lead communities and nations. Women are a valuable asset to society; Women are efficient and effective because they know what to do and how it should be done.
2. We need both women and men if this world is to become a better place.
3. To leave a legacy, we need to lead with integrity, honesty and with values such as empathy and stand for the truth however unpopular or painful it may be.

Father Gerald Kalumba, Parish Priest, Christ the King Church.
The Blessed Virgin Mary accepted God in her life and she bore the saviour, Jesus Christ.
1. Mary was a responsible family woman, for instance, when Jesus disappeared, she went with Joseph to look for him. This should appeal to women of today so that they can care and have time for their families.
2. She was very religious and because of her faith, she managed to conceive God’s son. Thus, women today should believe that no matter how hopeless life may seem, there is always a miracle waiting for them.”
3. Listen carefully. You never know when God wants to use you for good things.

Sabrina Wantaate, Pastor at Full Gospel Church, Makerere
Deborah because she is a warrior.
We are presented with many opportunities and we can utilise them. If only we can come out of the spirit of dependency and seize opportunities available to us, we can influence and lead society.”

Reverend Canon Christine Shimanya, Uganda Parliament Chaplain.
Hannah the mother of Samuel because she lived to be the greatest prayer warrior in the bible.
1. We must be very prayerful because we have so many attacks; family, children and church are under attack because of the aggressiveness of the enemy.
2. We should give back to God because he gives us more than we give through his blessings. Hannah prayed for a son and she dedicated him to the Lord and he gave her five more children.
3. Women should not despair or give up even when in abusive relationships. Hannah was in an abusive relationship and from that, she bore a son who became the leader of the nation.


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