Ramadhan tip: Doing physical exercise is good

You should take out about five to 10 minutes for this. Try taking care of this at Ishraq (sunrise) time. This is usually the time when the person can afford this exercise because they have just eaten a meal hours before. 
   Moreover, most of the Fajr (early morning prayer) timing in the mosques in Ramadhan are usually shifted to about 10 to 15 minutes after the actual Fajr time begins or Daakuh (early morning meal) time ends. 

   Therefore, it might not be possible for everyone to manage this properly in between that time. Reasons might include: the food that the person has eaten during Daakuh and the short time might actually be better spent in praying. During exercise, it is advisable to locate a track in the neighbourhood .
   It might even be the road in front of the house. Set a specified distance in your mind and make a combination of jogging one way while running the way back. This might vary from individual to individual. 
   The jogging part should remain the same for everyone while the running part might be replaced with a jogging part or a brisk walking part if the person thinks running would be too much for them. 

   Just to remind you again, make sure that this does not exceed more than 10 minutes because you have also got to spend the rest of the day in a productive way. However, it should also not be less than five minutes. 


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